10 facts about color bomb for hair

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    A color bomb for the hair, or color ball as some say, has become incredibly popular and is super good for keeping the hair color nice between colors.

    However, there are some questions and misunderstandings about these so I have now summarized 10 necessary facts that are important to know for you who use / want to use these color bombs :)

    10 facts about color bomb for hair:

    A color bomb is not a hair color

    A color bomb for the hair is not a hair color, but a hair wrap with pigment that settles superficially on the hair. Used to enhance the hair color you already have. It does not wear on the hair at all - on the contrary! The wrap is caring just like a hair wrap.

    2. The pigments adhere less well to untreated hair

    The pigments are difficult to attach to untreated hair, and will therefore probably not attach to your growth. I recommend not using color bombs at all if you have completely uncolored hair.

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    3. Enhances blonde shade in light hair

    Color bombs for light hair colors are used to enhance the blonde hue. If you want to get rid of a yellow / orange tone without getting a cold blonde color, you can mix a violet wrap with a blonde / beige.

    4. Can not be used to lighten the color

    A hair color bomb can not be used to lighten your hair color.

    5. Color bomb can also be applied to dry hair

    If you, like me, have an umbrella dye, it can be difficult to apply the wrap in the shower without it sticking in the lengths - but it is actually possible to apply in dry hair as well! Then it is much easier to see where it should be applied.

    6. For the whole hair, it is used as a regular hair wrap

    However, the use of a color bomb for the entire hair is done just like a normal hair wrap, in towel-dried hair after shampooing, before conditioner.

    7. Wear gloves to avoid smudging on your hands

    Wear gloves to avoid having colored hands after using the wrap, it can be difficult to remove from the skin. When I apply to the scalp in dry hair, I use a foundation brush, works great.

    8. Apply often if you want it to last

    The pigments from the packaging are washed out over and over again, and if you have a colorful hair color, you should supplement with the color bomb every shower. Otherwise, repeat as needed.

    9. It is possible to have different colors

    You can also "play" with color bombs, you do not have to match your own hair color. If you e.g. have colored brown hair and want a more red tone, then you can have in a red color bomb in your hair.

    10. More effect the longer you leave the color bomb in

    The effect time is 3 minutes, so it goes very fast. But you get more effect the longer it lasts, so colorful colors (eg red) can with advantage work longer if you want an effective result.

    color bomb for the hair

    I use a revlon color bomb

    For my new hair color I now use Revlon Professional Nutri Color Cream (adlink) in the shade 500 Purple Red which is a purple-red color, just like my hair color. I can also recommend Maria Nila Color Refresh (adlink) in the shade Autumn red which I have also tested, my hairdresser sells both brands and it is also great!

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    Tips! I mitt andra blogginlägg Blond balayage (naturlig blond hårfärg) har jag använt djuprengörande schampo samt en mildare färgad inpackning för att få fort den gröngula tonen i håret. Så kan man också använda en färgad hårinpackning. Klicka in i det inlägget för produkttipsen! :)

    Hope you who are hungry / already use color packaging for your hair became a little wiser by what a color bomb is!

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    1. Hey i used the “500” colorbomb and i have blond hair. Just wanna know hos Long it last on hair. Does it come off or do i have to use somthing too get it off it's been 1 week now

    2. Hey! Have brown hair and are eager to get in a little red in which color bomb should I buy then? From revlon? Sincerely, Magdalena

    3. Hey!
      I have a question :)
      I just treated my hair with creation, can I use the color bomb directly on the first hair wash?

      Mvh Luma

    4. Hey! My hair is colored dark brown / black I want a redder shade in the hair. Do I have to bleach my hair first lr can I use a red "color bomb" directly in my hair?

      • It probably depends on how much red you want, a red wrap in dark brown hair gives absolutely a little red shifts but if it is more black then maybe it shines a little in red in some lights only. If you want a fairly clear red tone, you probably need to lighten your hair first :)

    5. Hey! This may be a very stupid question, but can you use a color bomb to "pull out" a bit of a color that already exists? I have dark blonde hair with some copper tones, but am not particularly keen on coloring my entire hair in a redder tone. Could you possibly use a color bomb in copper / red to get more focus on / highlight what already exists? Thanks for the reply! :)
      ps. has to some extent treated hair so thinks that it might at least be worth a try

    6. Hey! I wonder if the color bombs work on toned hair? So I have treated hair, but intensive toning and not color. What do you think?

      Regards Susanne

    7. Hey! I am thinking of coloring my brown (type rat-colored) hair to type chestnut red myself at home. Thinking about what color packaging is recommended then? How would you proceed?

    8. Hey!

      Just started using color bombs. Has blonde hair but has bought maria nila pink pop. Tried mixing it with conditioner to try to get only a faint shade of pink in the hair. However, it did not become even at all: / Any tips to get it more even in the hair? :)

      • It will probably be uneven because the hair absorbs more on drier areas, provided you apply evenly and sufficiently in the hair. Maybe you can try having a regular hair wrap a while before so that your dry parts do not absorb as much? :) Otherwise, I actually do not know, if it just generally gets flammable. It should work to mix with regular conditioner only, but it may not "marry" with all conditioners? Maria Nila should have a white / transparent wrap that is there to mix the color wraps with, it might be more even but I do not know because have not tested.

    9. Hi my name is row I want to test with color bomb yes I wonder if there is golden blonde or golden brown I was black before but I have bleached most of it is kind of just the tail left how should I make it even throughout the hair.

    10. Hey! I have revlon color boost 1002 for blonde hair, I usually only take it in lengths to keep my dark blonde color at the bottom, but where the curls start it turns yellow because I do not take the wrap so close to the bottom. My question is if I can take it in the whole hair even the bottom without destroying my dark blonde color? I want to get as close as possible and not miss yellow tones
      Ps. Fantastic blog!

    11. Hey! I have dyed my hair copper red recently. (ever been pale blonde for a while) But the color became a bit dull in the tops… so inye as intense as it became in the scalp. My hair needs to get a little darker redder tone .. Which color bomb would you recommend The red or copper? MVH Frida

    12. Yes its wraps are addictive making hard so fine and glossy. The only thing you need to check is the price because they can differ SEK 200 depending on where you buy from. Check price hunt type before.

    13. It's super good. Had in it just now. If it had worked on undyed hair, the concept would have been perfect! Hope someone comes up with how to fix it!

    14. Love color packaging! I myself drive on Maria Nilas because I feel that it is better if you have a slightly sensitive scalp. And it gives so much color that the hair looks freshly dyed! I use Bright red for my hair and it becomes like Revlons 500, a cool red color. I let it sit for at least 30 minutes with a plastic bag over my hair for best results :)

    15. Super good post! Just read about a girl who was going to go from black to blonde hair with a color bomb… I loved Revlon Purple Red for my red hair! I used to use it once a week (every Friday type) so you were always nice for the weekend! My friends always thought I came straight from the hairdresser! Thanks Revlon! ;) Now I test Color Revive in the color Warm Chestnut. Works great for my dark hair! I always use it after a shower. Shampoo the hair, add the color bomb after showering. Walks around for 10 minutes. Washes off, in with conditioner. Think it feels awkward to do it in the shower =)

      • Hey! I have revlon color boost 1002 for blonde hair, I usually only take it in lengths to keep my dark blonde color at the bottom, but where the curls start it turns yellow because I do not take the wrap so close to the bottom. My question is if I can take it in the whole hair even the bottom without destroying my dark blonde color? I want to get as close as possible and not miss yellow tones
        Ps. Fantastic blog!

        • Hey! Is your dark blonde base color uncolored or colored like that? Color wraps barely touch untreated hair (it is not "damaged" enough) so in such cases you can touch the entire hair without destroying that color. But regardless, I do not think that your dark blonde color will be destroyed, as the wrap does not lighten the hair at all but only removes yellow tones and makes them colder. So the dark blonde color will probably look cooler, but not lighter :)

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