10 makeup tips - Asian eyes

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    I have received several requests for make-up tips for Asian eyes, so here is a post about it!

    This post is for eye shapes with small eyelids where the skin fold ends up quite far down on the eye (or is not visible at all) instead of in the crease line. A variant of hooded eyes simply!

    I have to make it clear that "Asian eyes" are really the wrong choice of words. I have used that word in the post because many people search for this word and I want to reach the right target group :) Asian eyes are not "one" eye shape. People of all origins can have this eye shape and Asia is a large continent - of course not everyone has the same type of eye shape.

    So do not hope that this post is perceived as ignorant or unprofessional, I read on and work constantly to be as accurate as possible :)

    Word clarification: By eyelids I mean only the part of the eye that is hidden when we look up, and visible when we close our eyes. By globe line I mean the inwardly curved part between the eye itself and the brow bone. Hope you understand : )

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    Here are at least my 10 best tips!

    10 makeup tips asian eyesThis is a close up of a bridal makeup I did!

    1. Make-up that is very visible
    If you want a make-up that is clearly visible, you should not put the shadow only on the eyelid, because then your make-up will in principle only be visible when you blink. Dare to put eye shadow a little higher up so the makeup will be visible all the time!

    Sooted eyes
    Asian eyes fit super well in sweets and can easily treat yourself to really dark eye shadows without looking over-made, as you often have a large area between the eyes and the eyebrows. Apply intensely closest to the lash line and soot upwards as much as desired. Lucy Liu often has nicely smoky eyes, google her!

    3. Non-smoky eyes
    However, if you want an eyelid color (or several) and a globe line color, the same principle is there as in point 1, do not apply the eyelid color only on the eyelid, but dare to apply a little higher up! Otherwise, you will basically only see the globe line color when you look ahead. You can e.g. apply as follows:

    10 makeup tips asian eyes
    Please note that I have not applied the eye shadows as I show in the picture that you can do. I have made a kind of neutral two-tone sweeping in the picture and use it only to mark the parts of the eye.

    4. Eyeliner
    "Eyeliner is an Asian's best friend" a girl from Taiwan once said to me :) A wide eyeliner along the upper lash line lifts the look super nicely. And if you also apply dark eyeliner along the waterline, you get nicely highlighted, framed eyes and an intense look! My tip, however, is to not only apply black along the waterline but also apply along the lashes on the lower lash line, otherwise the eyes may look smaller.

    Eyeliner with wing is also incredibly beautiful on Asian eye shapes! Some can paint a wing without problems, while some often have a long fold of skin out in the corner of the eye - then you can paint the eyeliner also along the lower lash line and tie it together with the eyeliner wing. Which allows you to place the wing further out from the eye without it looking strange.

    This eye fits perfectly with a regular eyeliner wing without the skin fold breaking off and making it uneven. But if she had needed to place the wing further out, she would have been able to tie it together with the lower lash line for a more cat eye shape.

    5. Enlarge the eyes
    If you want to enlarge your eyes, a white eyeliner along the waterline is very effective! In addition, you can play with the principle I wrote about in point 3, to apply the eyelid color higher up than what the eyelid really is, then you can apply the globe line color higher than what the globe line is also and it gives the illusion of a larger eye.

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    6. Eyebrows
    If you want to enlarge the eyes as I explained above, it is a smart idea to pick / fill in your eyebrows so that they sit as high up as possible, do not remove too much straw on the top of the eyebrows. Then you have more surface to play with effective eye shadows on, because you do not want to apply colors only up to the eyebrows then it will not give the same magnifying effect.

    7. Eyelashes
    Many Asian eyes have short and straight eyelashes, but since the eye shape often also has a long distance up to the eyebrow, they can be enjoyed in long, super-beautiful false eyelashes without it looking too much!

    8. Eye shadow under the eye
    Sooting a lot on the underside of the eye is super nice! If you have narrow eyes and want a more almond-shaped shape, you can apply wider in the middle of the lower lash line and narrower in the inner and outer edge.

    9. Application tips
    When you close your eyes, it can be difficult to see exactly how high up you should apply the eyeshadow for it to be visible enough, while you do not want to risk applying it too high up either. Look straight ahead in the mirror and make a small mark with the eye shadow as high up as you want the make-up to go. Then you do not have to think about it anymore when you put on make-up!

    10. Cat eye
    Asian eyes are incredibly beautiful in an elongated cat eye shape on the eye shadow! Follow the slope of the lower lash line when sooting in the outer corner of the eye.

    Hope you got some tips and that this post was helpful! :)

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    1. Hey! What lashes did you use in the picture of the bridal make-up? I am Asian myself and have a very hard time finding loose lashes that fit nicely :(

      • Hey! Oh I unfortunately have no idea, that was a long time ago! I think they come from a large "salon kit" as well, no ordinary brand you buy as a private person in stores. Sorry I could not help you!

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