10 tips for more volume in the hair! (Natural & with Products)

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    Here I go through how to get volume in the hair, partly naturally and with products, but also how to get it nice and makes it last all day! Fluffy hair or volume?

    At the bottom I have also included a list of the best products for volume in the hair that I myself use. (Click here to get to the list)

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    How to get volume in the hair? / How to get fluffy hair?


    First of all, I want to mention the fact that different people have different hair types and hair quality and therefore also different easy to get volume in the hair. For some, just one volume product is enough while others get to work a little more!

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    The two most difficult the conditions for gaining volume in the hair, according to my era experiences, are 1: well-groomed and thick hair (when it becomes so heavy and shiny that it kind of slips out of the hands) and 2. oily hair.

    When I have freshly bleached and washed my hair, it is quite easy to get volume up! It's flat like a pancake if I do not do anything at all, but then it's pretty easy to puff it up :)

    But with outgrowth (ie well-groomed / not worn at all on the scalp) and oily hair, then it is more difficult!

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    Outgrowth and oily scalp, then it is flat, believe me! No fluffy hair here not!

    Can you get volume in thin hair?

    Yes, it is also possible to get volume in thin hair with the tips I give below!

    Is there any difference if you are a guy and want volume in your hair?

    No! It makes no difference at all whether you are a guy or something, it is rather the hair quality and length that determines which method is best for volume in the hair.

    My 10 best tips you can do at home:

    Here are my top 10 tips for getting more volume in your hair and that you can do at home! It is not the intention that you should do all the steps on the same day, but can choose the steps that are best for you and your everyday life.

    I have linked all the products I use in each point and also included a list at the bottom of the post.

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    Time for hair washing in other words!

    1. Wash your hair with volume shampoo & conditioner:

    It is important to have shower products that care properly without getting heavy in the hair.

    Shampoo your hair at least twice, so that it is completely clean. The first time you dissolve all the grease, the second time you wash clean. It is much easier to get volume in the hair if it is clean from the scalp's natural oils!

    Should you have conditioner on the scalp? Yes! I say :) Many people think that you should not have conditioner on the scalp if you want volume in the hair. But conditioner has a lower pH value than water, which causes the hair to close. The hairs have small layers of scales and if the scales stand outwards (instead of being closed by the conditioner) it will tear the hair.

    Instead, use a light conditioner that does not weigh down, so you can apply it all over your hair without weighing down!

    I have tested the Höjd series from the Björk brand called Volumizing Duo, which is a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. So good! Above all, I like the shampoo, it really washes clean even if you do not use a huge amount (which is otherwise a common problem for me who have oily hair and use a lot of products, it takes years so much shampoo!). The conditioner is very thin and light and does not weigh down at all. If you have very dry hair, you can treat yourself to a hair wrap in the lengths or a caring oil / cream in the lengths after the shower :)

    Product used in this step: Birch Height Volumizing Duo (adlink)

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    2. Volume mousse / Volume spray in wet hair:

    I always use a volume mousse or volume spray on the scalp after the shower, in wet hair. Do not skimp, but also do not take too much if you want to keep the freshly washed feeling.

    In my experience (OJ what I tested different volume products in my days) mousse is more effective than spray. So you get more volume in the hair from mousse than from sprays. But which is best is also about taste, I think it's nicer to spray than to smear your whole hands with mousse.

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    Volume hair mousses I have tested a plethora of (!) And my personal favorite is probably Maria Nila Volume Mousse. Very effective!

    volume spray, sebastian volupt spray review, hair care tips

    Right now I use the volume spray Sebastian Volupt Spray which also has 5-star reviews on Eleven.se! Very nice, it is easy to apply and gives extra volume in blow-dried hair.

    Product used in this step: Sebastian Volupt Spray (adlink) but can also recommend Maria Nila Care & Style Volume Mousse (adlink).

    löwengrip level up volumizing lotion, review, leave in, wet hair

    3. Volume-giving leave-in product

    It is not only the scalp that needs volume but many also want fuller lengths. In addition, blow-drying the hair is the most important tip for a lot of volume in the hair and then you should still use a heat-protective product.

    What is better then a volumizing lotion that also has heat protection?

    Löwengrip Level Up Volumizing Lotion is a cream that both has heat protection, shortens the drying time and penetrates the hair and gives a puffing effect. I think it is very good! I have quite thick hair in the lengths so it is difficult to determine how much thicker it actually gets, but it is incredibly nice in texture and makes the hair soft and lovely! Usually use it in dry hair even when the hair looks a bit dull some day after washing :)

    löwengrip level up volumizing lotion, review, leave in, wet hair

    I think a bit like this, I still need a heat protection and if I can get a little fullness and a softening feeling at the same time, it's just an extra plus!

    Product used in this step: Löwengrip Volumizing Lotion (adlink) which has now come in the new variant "Level Up" with a different color on the packaging. Do not know if the ingredients are the same but the product description is anyway!

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    4. Dry your hair with a round brush / hot air brush:

    Turning the head upside down and blow-drying gives much more volume to the hair than letting the hair dry itself or blow-drying it flat against the head.

    You can also use a round brush + hair dryer, but techniques where you need to have control of two hands at the same time I think is difficult haha.

    However - now in the corner you get a good tip - hot air brush! Like a blow dry at home! A round hairbrush and hair dryer in the same product. Genius! It takes a little longer than just blow-drying, but you can shape your hair at the same time and get that beautiful hairdresser-wave.

    I'm not an expert, but I usually divide the hair into different sections and start by blow-drying the under hair.

    hair volume, hot air brush, babyliss, review, product,

    Take a loop, place the brush against the scalp and spin the brush slightly so that you lift the loop upwards.

     hot air brush, babyliss, review, product,

    Dry the loop straight down in length, but when I get to the tops I rotate a little on the brush again. To make the hair swing a little nicely inwards towards the face.

     hot air brush, babyliss, review, product,

    Volume in the hair and puffy shape in the lengths.

    hair volume, hot air brush, babyliss, review, product,

    To get the hair a little from the face and a little more "styled" hairstyle, I finish by blow-drying the fringe obliquely to the side.

    I want to emphasize that I am only a makeup artist and when it comes to hair, I may be a trained hair specialist (Hairology) but am above all a product nerd. So I'm not a hairdresser or a hair stylist at all. If you want to learn better techniques to style with a hot air brush, there are probably lots of better guides on Youtube! :) This brush also rotates (if you want) but it gets too hard for me! I just rotate it a little myself.

    Product used in this step: Babyliss Big Hair Dual Hot Air Brush (adlink) Gold Edition too, so heavenly looking! Also comes with two different sizes of brush.

    curling iron, waffle iron, review, hh simonsen, midi rod vs6

    5. Volume in the hair with curling iron / waffle iron:

    Tips 4 & 5 I have not done in this guide (would look like a lion if I did just about everything at the same time hehe) but a waffle iron gives a very durable volume in the hair and will be great if you do it in a good way!

    I'm not a big fan of the classic "Volume Mug" that I had as a teenager. Curly squares in the scalp, type;)

    BUT - A narrow curling iron and not to last so long but pull out the loop and hold it tight, press for a short while with the waffle iron "dutt, dutt, dutt" - then it will not be so clearly curly but you still get a lot of volume!

    Product used in this step: HH Simonsen Midi Rod Vs6 (adlink) I have had for many years and still love :)

    tupera hair, styling brush, hh simonsen styling brush review

    6. Tupera the hair at the scalp:

    Tupping is incredibly effective for lasting volume in the hair! The important thing is to tup carefully, no crow's nest! This way you do not wear your hair unnecessarily. Ideally, you should not do it daily either, but perfect trick on special occasions.

    And to have a good brush that does not wear more than necessary :) I have had the brush HH Simonsen Styling Brush for as long as the narrow waffle iron and think it is spotless! Can not be compared to tupping with a regular plastic comb, I think there is a big difference.

    Product used in this step: HH Simonsen Styling Brush (adlink)

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    7. Dry shampoo gives volume to the hair:

    Dry shampoo is mainly good after a few days when the hair starts to look a little oily / greasy. But I usually wear it directly after the shower and blow-dry as well, partly for preventive purposes but also to get a little more structure and volume in the hair. Before this step, my hair is mostly fluffy and uncontrolled, but with dry shampoo it gets a little more steady.

    Spray, rub, ready! Repeat during the week. I usually use dry shampoo about every other day and wash my hair once a week.

    I'm pretty picky about dry shampoo, but Lernberger Stafsing and Löwengrip are two of my favorites!

    Product used in this step: Lernberger Stafsing Dryclean Dry Shampoo (Link)

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    8. Texture spray for volume in the hair:

    If you do not have oily hair, you can use texture spray instead of dry shampoo!

    I personally use it for extra volume, along with dry shampoo. And note, as I said, I do not do all these 10 steps on the same day, but sometimes I use texture spray, sometimes tupping, sometimes curling iron, etc.

    Texture spray is also good for stability and durability in the lengths. I use texture spray instead of hair spray! I spray in the fringe and the lengths at the front of the face, so it's easier to get the hair off the face in a nice and lively way :) So that it does not just hang forward and get in the way!

    Had the bottle turned so that the mark is not visible in the picture, but this is DS Texturizing Spray which is fragrance free which I LOVE! So tired of every hair product (I like to use several) smelling so heavenly. There will be a blissful blend and a big cloud of perfume in the bathroom. My hairdresser told me about DS with perfume-free products and I am very happy with this spray!

    Product used in this step: DS Texturizing Spray (adlink)

    9. Volume pads in dry hard:

    Another classic trick that is incredibly effective is volume powder! It gives a pretty rough feeling to the scalp but OJ so effective. Can't the dust IT powder just be me who became addicted when it was launched a whole lot of years ago now?

    Dab LITTLE powder (easy to overdose and then you can barely pull your fingers through the hair afterwards) in the palm of your hand and rub into the scalp with your fingertips. Try to massage it mostly on the hair strands, not the skin itself on the scalp. You get lots of volume in your hair!

    Product used in this step: Osis + Dust-it (adlink)

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    After volume shampoo & conditioner, volume spray, hot air brush, dry shampoo and texture spray, the amount of volume is no longer a problem if you say so;)

    Pretty fluffy hair if you say so! : P

    10. Hair oil to give the hair more life:

    When you have a lot of volume-giving products, the hair can easily look a bit messy and dull. Then an oil is great for getting the hair nice and shiny while being cared for a little extra!

    Many hair oils contain silicones rather than oils, which is not entirely bad in the hair ends if you have split ends - but silicones do not care for the hair. I usually use natural oils instead! Happy 100% natural :) Argan oil is a favorite!

    Product used in this step: John Masters Organics Argan Oil (adlink) containing 100% argan oil.

    Then just brush through the hair and puff up with your fingertips as much volume as you want!

    The hair still feels freshly washed and clean and the volume is very durable! It is enough to improve with dry shampoo or texture spray every other / every third day so you have volume until you wash your hair next time - even if you do it as rarely as I do (max once a week, it can take 8-9 days too! ).

    Best products for volume in the hair:

    The list below are the products I have tested and think are good for volume in the hair! Click on the adlink links to go directly to the product page and see price & reviews for each product.

    Valuable list! :)

    hair volume, babyliss big hair review, gold edition, hair care, tips,Like a blow-dry at home!

    Hope this post was helpful! If you have your own tips on how to get volume in your hair at home or if you prefer to do it at a salon, feel free to comment below! The same applies if you have any questions or concerns! Do you prefer flat or fluffy hair? :)


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    1. I think we have identical hair, it sounds just like you describe mine :-) I also wash my hair 1-2 times a week but usually do it in the evening, and then it has time to dry during the night. In the morning I start by brushing it out and bring out my natural legs. I remove the upper hair closest to the legs and then I tup the rest of the upper hair lightly and heat each tufted loop for a few seconds with my straightener, I feel that I get the same effect as your "waffle" but I think it goes faster! After I have tufted and warmed my upper hair, I brush out the tufting so that I only have the actual volume left. After that, I lure it a little carelessly with the straightener, Aussies curl definer (oil) and a little light spray. Then the hair lasts for several days, I think, I spruce it up with dry shampoo the other mornings only.
      This with tupping and then warming up with the straightener is a tip that Jean Pierre Barda demonstrated in some TV program, it must be the best hair tip I have ever received!

      • An organic brand that I will bring into the webshop soon as it looks now! :) I am suuuuper happy with the result! However, I have to test on more people before I dare to stand for it :)

      • An organic brand that I will bring into the webshop soon as it looks now! :) I am suuuuper happy with the result! However, I have to test on more people before I dare to stand for it :)

    2. I usually do as it was in the instructions for my Björn Axén Volumaster: tupe the hair loop a little, then press with the volume tongs, then let cool and then comb out the tupping. Then there will be lots of volume without clear ripples. Top! : D

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