10 tips when applying eye shadow!

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    One of the most fun things about makeup & makeup is to be able to teach, I think! In this video I share my 10 best tips when applying eye shadow!

    For those of you who are already good at eye makeup, this movie may be a little too basic, but I think most of you will get help from my tips! :) I have also summarized all the tips with text and pictures for those of you who prefer to read.

    When you apply eye shadow, you can do it either easily for yourself or very, very difficult - which you easily do if you do not have good products and know how to work with them. Had I used a sponge applicator, skipped eyeshadow primer and had pigmentless eyeshadows, it would have been incredibly difficult for me as well.

    But basic make-up does not have to be that difficult! And after my post, I hope you will not like it either!

    And I must probably add that the film together with this text contains so many more small tips so really maybe it is like 20 tips if you were to divide everything properly haha.

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    Hope you like the post!

    Table of Contents:

    1. These 3 makeup brushes are perfect combo
    2. Use eye shadow primer
    3. Pillows at the edge of the primer
    4. Palette with three eye shadows makes it easier
    5. Dab on the eye shadows on the eyelid
    6. How high up should you apply the eye shadow?
    7. How to quickly fade out the eye shadows
    8. Tie together the eye shadows on the top and bottom in the outer corner of the eye
    9. Light eye shadow in the corner of the eye and under the eyebrow
    10. Where you lay dark, where you "draw" in the eye shape

    10 tips to add eye shadow + video

    It was really fun to make this video! Hope it is helpful!

    1. Three makeup brushes

    I use three eyeshadow brushes for all my eyeshadows. It may sound more advanced the more brushes you use "do I really need all these?" but it is not more advanced - on the contrary! It is difficult to fade the eyeshadow softly along the crease line with the same brush you use under the eye, and vice versa.

    nanshy makeup brushes eye shadow

    This sample image is brushes from Nanshy. They do not have to look exactly like this, but the principle small, medium, large is what I really recommend to make it easy for themselves :)

    Can recommend the kit Real Techniques Eye Shade + Blend Brushes (adlink) with a small, a medium and a large brush in the same kit!

    Medium-sized brush for application
    The brush you apply the eye shadow on the eyelid should preferably be quite compact. A brush that is too soft and fluffy will not get as much pigment as required and it will also be difficult to "press" the eye shadow.

    I personally also recommend a more rounded brush for this. A flat brush gives a sharper edge, which means you have to work even harder with the fade to get it even. But with a rounded soft and compact brush, you get a lot of pigment, good precision and at the same time a fairly soft edge straight away!

    Soft brush to fade
    I use the largest brush to fade out the eye shadow. It is fluffy and soft but at the same time compact enough to move the pigments. One for soft brush will not fade the shadow effectively enough, and a too hard brush will make the shadow uneven. Something in between is perfect!

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    Small brush under the eye
    Using a large brush under the eye is quite difficult. You can either use a small rounded or a slanted plate. It's a matter of taste. I like both varieties!

    10 tips when applying eye shadow! beginner

    Use eyeshadow primer!

    I could make a whole post about just primer under the eye shadows, if you have not tested, you do not understand how much it simplifies! Many people think that this is an unnecessary "good to have product" but believe me this makes a huge difference :)

    The primer briefly acts as an adhesive for the eye shadows. The eye shadow adheres much better, which makes it much easier to apply, you do not have to work much at all to get a pigment-rich result and it is easy to put several colors next to each other without dusting together and becoming a single mess both on the eyelid and under the eye where they fell down;)

    In addition, the durability of the eye shadows becomes unbeatable! Even if you get a nice make-up without primer, it settles easily as two dashes on the eyelid when you have blinked for a few hours. But with primer, you can have the same eye makeup from morning to night and it still fits perfectly!

    Note It is not possible to use a face primer instead of an eye shadow primer. Both are called primers because they are used as a base before another product, but primer before foundation and primer before eye shadow are two completely different products with different properties.

    makeup tips eye shadow primer eye shadow

    Here you see the difference in the pigment with and without primer. The primer in the picture (Pixi) has expired but I can warmly recommend NYX High Definition Eye Shadow Base (adlink) it's great!

    3. Pillows at the edge of the primer

    As I said with primer, the pigments adhere very well, which can make it difficult to get a soft fade because the more you work with the brush, the more pigment it adheres to.

    So after you have applied the primer, take some powder and sweep on the edge - not on the whole eyelid but only where the fading should be. Then it will be much faster to get an even fade!

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    4. Palette with three eye shadows facilitates

    Many people think that the more eye shadows you use the more difficult it is. But often it is the other way around! If you want light on the inside of the eyelid and dark on the outside, it is much more difficult to get a smooth transition between a light and a dark shadow, than if you put a medium dark color in between.

    The palette I have used in this post is the Paese Opal Eyeshadow Trio in the shade Colorado. Can also strike a blow for the palette Pixi Effect Shadow Palette in the shade Hazelnut Haze (adlink). Really good eye shadows and useful colors!

    10 tips when applying eyeshadow beginners

    5. Dab on the eye shadows on the eyelid!

    When I apply the eye shadows, I dab / press them onto the eyelid. Because the primer is creamy underneath, it can be uneven if you pull a lot with the brush. In addition, it is important that you apply properly with pigment so that the primer is fixed and stops being creamy, which is faster if you press the shadows than if you "sweep on" them.

    I also usually apply a little eye shadow from the brush before I apply, if you have too much on the brush it will fall down under the eye and on the cheekbones. Feel free to turn the shadows down towards the eyeshadow packaging and not into the air, then the shadow ends up back in the packaging and you do not waste a lot of product unnecessarily :)

    In the film you see how easily these colors are toned into each other.

    add eyeshadow beginners

    6. How high up should you apply the eye shadow?

    You often raise your eyebrows a lot and half-close your eyes when you apply the eye shadow, and then it is difficult to see how high you should apply the color. You often make a nice fade and then you look straight ahead and then the whole fade ends up right in the crease line fold, which makes the make-up look quite sharp when you look straight ahead and the color of the eye shadow is not as visible.

    Instead, I usually do this: Relax my forehead and look straight ahead in the mirror. Place the eyeshadow just above the crease line crease. Then it ends up so high that it is visible even when you look and the make-up becomes much softer when the fading does not end up inside the crease.

    The makeup in this post is pretty basic. The eyeshadow at the end of the eyelid I put at the same level as the eyelashes end. So no prolonged cat eye makeup or the like but stopped right where the eyelid ends. This makes it easy to know how far out you are pulling the eyeshadow in the crease line - because you can easily just tie it together with the color you have already put on the end of the eyelid (recommend watching the movie if you do not understand exactly what I am describing now) .

    So look straight into the mirror, relax your forehead, place the eyeshadow just above the crease line crease and down into the eyeshadow you have already placed at the far end of the eyelid. Then you get an eye makeup that follows your own eye shape!

    7. How to quickly fade out the eye shadow

    If you have followed the above tips, the edge of the eye shadow is already quite soft, because you applied with a rounded brush and fixed the primer with powder in the edges before you applied the eye shadow. Then the last finishing touches on the fade are very fast!

    Place the brush right on the edge of the eye shadow, so that the brush is a little on the eye shadow and a little on the skin tone outside. Then swipe back and forth with the brush. So do not work upwards with the brush then the shadow gets closer and closer to the edge and it eventually becomes too much and too sticky. Just pull back and forth back and forth right on the edge of the eyeshadow and let the brush do the job :)

    8. Connect the eye shadows on the top and bottom in the outer corner of the eye

    I apply the eye shadows on the underside of the eye with a small brush. What I usually think of is to tie together the eyeshadow on the top and bottom in the outer corner of the eye, then you get a "natural finish" on the eyeshadow on the top and it also opens up the gaze nicely. The whole make-up seems to be more cohesive.

    9. Light eye shadow in the corner of the eye and under the eyebrows

    Light eye shadow in the corner of the eye and under the eyebrow really adds the finishing touch to the make-up!

    When you lay under the brow, keep in mind not to lay so wide if you have a lot of sagging skin that lies over the eye. Then you emphasize it. That part you prefer to have dark to lift the gaze, and then you can put the light just below the brow only.

    put eye shadow in the corner of the eye

    10. Where you lay dark, where you "draw" in the eye shape

    Where you put dark there, the focus is on the eye, so if you want an enlarged look, you can put the shadows as I did in this make-up - with dark in the outer edges and + above and below the eye to open up the look.

    But do you want e.g. lift your gaze so you can skip dark on the underside of the eyes completely and just lay on the top, then you raise your gaze more.

    apply dark makeup

    Hope my 10 tips when applying eye shadow were helpful and you liked the video! Shout out if you have any questions or leave a comment below! :)

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