10 Truths About Makeup - Regarding News Morning and International Women's Day

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    I was incredibly provoked in the way Nyhetsmorgon chose to celebrate International Women's Day, I did not really intend to write about this in the blog because I think the majority of you who read still think similarly to me. But I can not help but haha, have to get it out of me :)

    On this day, they chose not to talk about all the millions of problems and injustices women have to put up with today, just for the reason that they were born as women.

    No, in Nyhetsmorgon they chose to focus on make-up, or rather that you should dare to show yourself without make-up…

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    On International Women's Day, Nyhetsmorgon chose to show the women without make-up on TV. So they have sat around a table on TV4, and discussed together "what do we want to highlight on International Women's Day?" "Yes, but this with make-up is probably a woman's thing you can pick up, beautiful without putty, etc.". Give me a fucking break ..

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    Prejudices about why you put on make-up
    Certainly the appearance fixation has gone too far in several ways, with all edited images in the media showing a reality that does not exist. But talking about makeup in this way is just another way to focus on women's appearance and how to / should not look. And dilutes the prejudices even more about "women putting on make-up to please others" or "you hide behind make-up", for most people this is actually not the case.

    Industry with the majority of women = not seen with the same value
    I work in this industry and can say that it is very rarely about superficiality and vanity, makeup is great fun and a fun way to express yourself creatively and reflect your insides! The fact that many people think that it is about something else, and think that it is a superficial and unimportant profession, is based solely on the fact that it is a female-dominated industry and which therefore does not automatically have the same value. I rarely hear people say things like "it does not contribute anything good to society" about, for example, sports…

    Not the right way to fight unhealthy ideals
    And it's a bit like every time you have to "fight the slimness" you choose curvy models AND point this out very clearly, like you look good although you are not size 0, you are good looking although you are unmade. Why not just let it happen naturally, choose models because they look good and fit the theme, regardless of size, and show people both when they are super styled and completely fixed, without making a thing of it as if it is something mega -different.

    When I went to high school, we had a day when "all the girls in the class would be without make-up" to somehow fight the appearance fixation. Guess who was the only one in the class who came to school with makeup;) I knew what I thought on the subject even then haha.


    This is makeup for me:

    1. Makeup is fun, not just one thing you do to "look good"
    2. Makeup is a way of expressing oneself, just as fashion can be. Not everyone dresses not only to "not be naked" but also to reflect the inside.
    3. Makeup is a way to vary its appearance on
    4. Makeup can be an accessory, red lipstick or colorful eyeliner that enlivens!
    5. Makeup gives confidence and is a way to take care of yourself, which in turn can also contribute to better self-confidence when you feel good on both the inside and the outside.
    6. Makeup makes you more alert as it conjures away signs of fatigue and the like, which in turn can also make you feel more alert. You fool the brain, if you see a lively and happy person in the mirror, you feel more lively and happy as well.
    7. Makeup is not a must for anyone, you do it if you want, if you do not want, you ignore it. You can also be such a person (as I am) who one day is completely unmade up, even among people, and the next day has a gala make-up on a Tuesday.
    8. People who put on make-up rarely do it for the sake of others, but for its own.
    9. Makeup is not = appearance fixed. You do not have to be so-called "appearance-fixed" just because you put on make-up. And even if you are, there is nothing wrong with that.
    10. Makeup has nothing to do with gender and gender!

    In other words, do not care when people say that you put on too much make-up, do not worry when people say that you should put on more make-up, do what you want and feel for :) You are beautiful both with and without make-up, and even if you were not, it does not matter clichéd enough because it is the inside that counts!


    Pjuh, it was nice to bubble a little :)

    Hope you had a great start to this glorious day! Hugs are ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amileyhttps://www.imakeyousmile.se
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. And yes, I think exactly the same as you when it comes to models and that it should always be pointed out that it is for example plus size models etc. Isn't it better to just bring in a model, rewrite the subject and not mention anything about size. The more you mention sizes, the more "obsessed" readers become with numbers and sizes, and so on. Is probably better to just let it be, and get us readers used to the fact that it is only models and not plus models, etc.

    2. And that they choose to put on make-up by Tilde, who did not look like she had pimples or other "problems" also felt a bit like that… I mean, usually if someone feels that they MUST put on make-up, it is because they have pimples or are red or something. I myself mostly go out without make-up, but I like to play with make-up and vary myself, etc.!

    3. +1 on it. Was that really the most important thing they could think of? Equal pay for equal work, few women in positions of power, vulnerable women in many parts of the world - can come up with many more important things to pay attention to. I have f.ö. no problem to go without make-up but to be 'forced' to do so to draw attention to inequality - no thank you. Hug!

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