3D Mascara

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    You who read my posts and make-up descriptions know that I have used the same mascara in almost every make-up lately, I love it!

    Paese Adore 3D Lash Mascara is what I am talking about, by 3D effect is meant in short three properties in a mascara - length, separation and volume.

    I really think it also delivers, the mascara has a rubber brush that is perfectly large and absorbs just enough mascara, neither too little nor too much, and it combs the lashes so that you get separated straws. There is really nothing wrong with the length of the lashes, they become full and get a nice and durable bend.

    If you apply only a little, you get a natural and discreet result, but you can easily work a little more without it clumping and then you get more volume and fullness.

    The mascara is not waterproof but still lasts well, I have not had any problems with durability, not even during these hot summer days!

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    An added bonus is that the mascara contains 73% natural ingredients! The formula contains a specific powder which together with wax and a sugar substance gives a creamy and long-lasting consistency. It is also allergy friendly.


    I have not bent the lashes in the pictures but I have only applied the mascara without doing anything special. In addition, I have a "bad lash period" right now, you know when the lashes really do not want to cooperate, but the result will be good anyway :)


    The mascara costs SEK 159 and is available for purchase here!

    IMG_4556 SAM_0544_111

    IMG_4442_111 IMG_4460_111  IMG_4465_111

    paint mascara

    Application tips!

    1. Start painting the lower lashes (you open the eye so much when you paint them, so if you have mascara on the upper lashes, they can easily be smeared on the make-up on the eyelid)
    2. Paint the inner lashes by brushing them to the side, more towards the nose.
    3. Paint the middle lashes by brushing them straight up.
    4. Paint the outer lashes by brushing them to the side, more towards the ears.

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    Then you get a fan effect that opens up the eye and enlarges the gaze, the mascara in the picture is the one I write about in the post :)


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