3D tattoo on eyebrows without hair

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    Annika often gets customers who do not have their own eyebrows at all, it is quite common and there are lots of different reasons such as chemotherapy, alopecia, and some do not even know why they suddenly lose their hair.

    We often get questions from customers who want to see pictures of eyebrows that are tattooed on people who have no eyebrows at all, and this week Annika did eyebrows + eyeliner on a customer who had neither eyelashes nor eyebrows, and the result is so crazy nice !

    I also got to take full pictures of the customer, which is super fun and great for future customers to see as well, in close-ups you see the technology and the result very well, but you do not see how much difference it makes on the whole face. But now you get to see it too! :)


    Surely you can not believe that this tingle has neither eyelashes nor eyebrows? And is completely unmade up in the picture!

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    The pictures are taken immediately after the treatment, after healing both the eyes and eyebrows become less sharp and also a little brighter.

    It will also probably (it is usually needed) need to be filled in after healing, that is why you have return visits so you can fill in areas where the paint has released more during healing, or if you want a darker color. It is always better to choose a lighter color if you are unsure, and then darken if you want on the return visit.

    Here you see before and after:

    3d tattoo-hair technique

    Fantastic huh? :)



    Like a completely different person in the afterimage!

    Eyebrow tattoo costs SEK 5,700 and currently only Annika makes new eyebrow tattoos. Return visits are included, and are done at Amir.

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    The tattoo is semi-permanent and needs to be filled in when it fades so as not to disappear completely, filling in within a year is SEK 1,500, but if the shape has disappeared a lot, the hourly price is SEK 2,000 / hour. If the shape has disappeared completely, you must make an appointment for a new eyebrow tattoo.

    You will find the entire price list Creativemakeup.se, we are working to make it even clearer, but if you have any questions, as usual, just shout! :)

    Hugs are! ♥

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