5 makeup tips for glasses

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    There are lots of make-up tips for you with glasses, a little depending on what shape the frames have and what effect you yourself are looking for. Here are my top 5 tips that will suit everyone with glasses!

    Contents 5 make-up tips for glasses:

    1. Adapt to the shape of the glasses
    2. Are the arches light or dark?
    3. Balance in the face
    4. Get the basic make-up to hold
    5. Eyebrows
    6. Make-up for glasses

    5 makeup tips for glasses

    1. Adjust to the shape of the glasses

    Put on your glasses and look straight into the mirror. Which parts of the eyes are hidden by the arches, and which are clearly visible? In the areas where the spectacle frame takes up less space so that it is a more "open surface" where you can apply a little more powder with color and stronger eye shadows.

    If you e.g. has dark brows, a dark arc that lies below the brow and then makes a dark sweep that goes very high up, then everything melts together. There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing so, but many can experience that it gets a little "heavy" when everything melts together. Then you can instead put a more "neutral" eye shadow under the frame (what is neutral depends on what color you have on the frames, eyebrows and skin) and then put the dark / colorful on an area that is not covered as much by the frame: )

    2. Are the arches light or dark?

    A strong eye makeup becomes much milder when you wear glasses, no matter what frames you have. But I usually think that if you want your eyes to "pop" behind the frames, you should choose an eye makeup that is the opposite of your frames. For example. eye shadows in light, shimmer, metallic to black arcs. And vice versa to light frames - then the eyes pop more of a dark eye makeup!

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    A safe card if you want your eyes to be visible is always a colorful color! :)

    3. Balance on the face

    There is a lot to talk about when it comes to eye makeup and glasses, but you easily forget the rest of the face. There are some who do not think that they "should" use lipstick if you have both eye makeup and glasses because there will be so much of everything then. But that is definitely not a rule I follow! For a nice make-up, it can actually create more balance in the face if not all the focus is on the eyes, without you supplementing with a color on the lips as well :)

    4. Get the basic make-up to hold

    The basic make-up can often get dirty on the glasses during the day, which destroys both your good-looking foundation and soils the frames. Apply powder around the eyes when applying make-up! And improve during the day even if you are prone to getting oily. Then your basic make-up is more "fixed" and will not slip around and get stuck on the frames.

    And as for the round spectacle spots on the sides of the nose that you get from almost all glasses, there is my best tip to also apply as thin with base make-up as possible. Often you do not have much to cover right there anyway and if you have a thick layer of makeup, it is more visible when it is rubbed off.

    5. Eyebrows

    Filling in the eyebrows is great to get them highlighted behind the frames! Regardless of whether you have arches where the eyebrows protrude a lot or if you have arches that cover a large part of the eyebrows. On some people it makes a huge difference to pick a little higher below the highest point of the brow to lift them a little, then you get more space between the arch and the brow which lifts the gaze and it is nice to be able to show their nice brows too :)

    Can tips on my post that pick different eyebrow shapes also, read it! 

    5 makeup tips for glasses before and after

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    Then we have gone through my 5 makeup tips for glasses, below you see examples of a makeup with the principles in my tips.

    Make-up where you see the principle with the above tips:

    1. I have put a lot of make-up under the eye because there is so much space without the frame lying over. On the top I have laid dark but not so high up, so there is still a large piece without eye makeup between the brow and the arch. In addition, the eyelid is light golden (which is not visible in the picture above) so every blink becomes a nice contrast to the frame :)

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    2. I have added a marking lipstick also so that not all focus is on just the eyes.

    3. You also see how big a difference there is in eye makeup when you wear glasses. In the picture without glasses, the make-up feels very strong and party party, but immediately becomes more discreet when you put on glasses.

    4. Color! For the eyes to pop, choose the opposite of what the frames are. I do have dark to dark, but as I said, color is a safe bet too! :)

    5. My eyebrows are very visible over the arch!

    5 makeup tips for glasses

    I want to emphasize that everything about glasses is just a helpful tip for you who are unsure or may feel that you do not really get it. There are absolutely no rules or the like that you have to follow.

    Hope you felt that the post with 5 makeup tips for glasses was helpful! I have blogged a lot about glasses before but it was so long ago and I often get questions about it so felt it was time again :)

    Hugs are!

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amileyhttps://www.imakeyousmile.se
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. So nice with the green! 😍How do you get the green to attach to the eye line? A couple of winks, then everything is gone on me. Can you have primer there?

      • Thanks! :) No I never use primer along the waterline, never eye shadow either, it's basically just about finding the right product - you need a eyeliner that is quite creamy when applied and waterproof, Paese Linea Automatic Liner which I sell in my webshop Creativemakeup. see is cruel along the waterline! Available in olive green, among other things, but also blue, brown, plum purple and black. A product that is too dry (eg eye shadow) absorbs water and in the end it will release when there is both water + stress from blinking. A creamy eyeliner "blends in" with the moist environment so close to the eye much better without absorbing moisture.

        An additional tip is to apply two coats with the pen, let it dry in between (eg when you apply mascara) and then add another coat, then it will have superb durability! :)

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