12 simple make-up tips for beginners + Make-up (step by step)

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There are very simple make-up tips for beginners that make your make-up look well-made and nice - without it being particularly difficult technically. One sentence I repeat I do not know how many times to my clients is “makeup must not be so difficult ”:)

It does not have to be that difficult to make up yourself. You can make it very difficult for yourself, but it can also be easy!

I have also made a post with a make-up step by step for beginners that is both easy and fast, click here to get to the post about makeup.

IN today's post, I therefore thought I would share 12 simple make-up tips for beginners that are quick to make and easy, provided you have good products and tools :) All products used in the post are available for purchase in my webshop Creativemakeup.se!

Make-up & Make-up tips for beginners

The post is divided into these 12 simple makeup tips for beginners:

  1. Mineral Foundation
  2. Rouge in neutral tone
  3. Simple eyebrow pencil
  4. Do not skip eye primer
  5. The same eye shadow around the whole eye
  6. Brighten up around the eyes
  7. Light eyeliner along the waterline
  8. Lighten up around the lips
  9. Black eye shadow instead of eyeliner
  10. A good mascara that does not smudge or crumble
  11. Colored lip balm
  12. The importance of good products

Mineral Foundation:

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foundation for beginners

Here you see the result of mineral foundation on one half of the face.

A really good mineral foundation is suitable for all skin types, if you are dry in the skin, it is only extra important that you moisturize the skin properly before. Priming with a face primer before becomes the finishing touch as well.

Why is mineral foundation so good?

  • It is quick to apply
  • You choose the coverage rate yourself. Thin all over the face, full coverage all over the face, or full coverage only in certain areas by dabbing on extra just there.
  • It is possible to skip both concealer and powder because the foundation can be obtained completely, and gives a matte finish that does not need to be fixed with powder = 1 step instead of 3.
  • If it is not very sunny outside, you can also skip sunscreen, as mineral foundation naturally has SPF in it (unless you apply too thin).

Here's how I do it:

mineral foundation application

Dab / buff the mineral foundation on the skin with a soft but fairly compact brush. If it is too fluffy, you will not get as much pigment. I use the Nanshy Buffed Base brush. I apply thinly all over my face, then I dab a little extra around my nose where I am a little red-flamed.

The mineral foundation is glo Skin Beauty Pressed Base Foundation and I have the shade Golden Medium. It is a pressed powder which makes the whole thing even smoother compared to mineral foundation in loose powder form.

mineral foundation concealer

2. I dab with a small brush (does not matter which) on pimples. Then I avoid concealer.

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Bonus tips! If you have a blemish or similar that is difficult to cover, dab on a little brown eye shadow or eyebrow pencil and make it a birthmark / beauty spot instead. A little discreet enough, not necessarily mouche á la Marilyn Monroe. It goes faster and also makes the base look more "unmade" :)

Read my post Make-up freckles step by step where I use the same principle / technology.

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2. Rouge in a neutral tone:

red as contouring

Here I have put blush on one half, but not the other. Makes a big difference but is both easy and fast done.

I usually love to do contouring with 1-2 dark shadows, a matte light, a shimmery light and then blush on it. In other words, a whole bunch of products, neither easy nor time efficient. No make-up tip for beginners if you say so;)

Instead, you can choose a blush in a more neutral tone, which you can put mostly on the cheeks but also a little in the rest of the face as well. It results in more color and shape on the face (you can otherwise look a little flat with only opaque products) but thanks to the blush being a neutral tone, you do not look reddish either.

What is a neutral tone? It depends a bit on what skin tone you have .. For me, a mild blush works that goes with hot apricot / peach. So not bronzer-brown but not strong pink either. Choose a color that is a little darker and a little more colored than your own skin tone, without being greasy.

Here's how I do it:

apply red brush

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Sweep with a soft brush from the apple cheek and up to the top of the ear. Not too high up on the cheek. Here you can add a little extra color!

The brush is Nanshy Blush Brush.

The blush is Paese Powder Blush in shade 55. Can also recommend glo Skin Beauty Blush in the shade Rosebud if you want a more red, and Sandalwood if you want a tone that goes more to brown.

blush for beginners

2. Wrap a thinner / more discreet layer up against the temple, preferably a little on the sides of the chin as well.

In other words, prime the skin the way your skin type / condition needs (skin care and face primer). Then just swipe on mineral foundation and blush, and the whole base is ready!

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3. Simple eyebrow pencil:

brow pencil simple beginner

There are eyebrow pencils that make it difficult to fill in the eyebrows and then there are pencils that make it very easy!

Highlighting the eyebrows raises the gaze and frames the face, which makes a big difference even if you make a very natural eyebrow.

A brow pencil with a triangular tip makes it easy to fill in the brows naturally, because you work with a wide edge instead of a pointed tip.

The fountain pen I use, Pixi Natural Brow Duo, also has a brow at the other end which highlights the brows extra! Partly thanks to the fact that the strands lie down well-combed and nice, but also because it gives a glossy effect, which highlights your hair strands.

In short, these are the reasons why this pen is a good make-up tip for beginners:

  • Easy to work with
  • Gives a natural result
  • Highlights your brow hairs too = more effect with a simple step

Here's how I do it:

light brow pencil

1. Fill in the brow with the pen. I usually first fill in the lower part of the brow and then work with small light strokes in the same direction as the straws grow.

In the post Pixi Natural Brow Duo Video + Instructions I show and explain everything about this in a video!

make up eyebrows naturally

2. Apply bristle with the small brush at the other end of the pen.

When it came in as news at the salon, both customers and our makeup artists began to refer to it as the "miracle pen" because it is so easy to use. Can be the product we sell most of at the salon!

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4. Do not skip eye primer!

why eye primer

Many people think that eye primer is an unnecessary or advanced step. How much difference does an eye primer make? Huge difference!

Why do you need an eyeshadow primer even as a beginner?

  • Easier and faster application
  • The eye shadow becomes more pigment-rich
  • Make eye makeup more durable (both eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara)

Without primer, many people have problems with the eye shadow falling under the eyes, settling unevenly on the eyelid and if you use two colors, they just dust together with each other instead of being a nice transition.

And if you get a nice make-up without primer, it often ends up with the eye shadow lying like two lines on the eyelid when you blink for a few hours. And it's not fun!

In addition, the mascara can last better if you use eye primer. Many people have quite oily eyelids, this is due to the fact that the skin produces sebum / sebum. The oil dissolves mascara and eyeliner (also waterproof mascaras, because waterproof is not oilproof), which causes the mascara to discolor under the eyebrows during the day. But with primer, you keep the oil in check!

Here's how I do it:

eye shadow primer why

Apply the primer on the entire eyelid. Not too stingy, but not thick all the way up to the brow either. Just right :) And then dab the cream evenly over the eyelid and up towards the brow bone.

Here I have used Pixi Eye Bright Primer which is a good primer for beginners and for neutral make-up! This is because it is a little more creamy rather than wet, some primers may be more moist in the formula. The wetter the primer, the more pigment it attaches, which is good for e.g. metallic shadows or when you want really strong pigment. But for neutral everyday make-up, it is easier with a creamy primer that is a little less "sticky" :)

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5. The same eye shadow around the whole eye:

simple make-up for beginners

Click here to see this make-up step by step.

Most make-up that you see step by step is done with eye shadows in 3 colors. Light, medium and then dark at the outer edge. It is really pretty! But it can be made even easier.

If you want a quick and easy make-up, it actually works just as well just to choose just one color and put it around the whole eye. Whether it is discreet, dark, colorful or glittery.

I was now going to show you the eyeshadow Paese Glam Eyeshadow in shade 205 around the entire eye. If you want to see swatch pictures I took on all shades of these eye shadows, you can read this post.

Here's how I do it:

eyeshadow for beginners

Use a soft brush (preferably rounded) and dab on the entire eyelid.

I use Nanshy Tapered Crease Brush.

A rounded and compact brush is simpler than a flat one, because with a flat you get a sharp line that you need to tone out a lot. With a rounded edge, the edge becomes a little softer and is easier and faster to fade.

simple eye makeup

Use a smaller brush under the eye, a slightly rounded one is easiest. Dab under the eye and "tie together / meet" the eye shadow on the top in the outer corner of the eye. Swipe a little with the brush back and forth if needed to fade out extra.

I use Nanshy Pencil Brush. Perfect size!

quick eye makeup

Use a slightly larger and softer (but not too fluffy) brush and fade out over the globe line. Swipe with the brush back and forth on the edge you want to fade out (sideways).

I use Nanshy Eye Crease Brush.

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6. Brighten around the eyes:

By light I mean a few steps lighter than your own skin tone. Then whether it means a light off-white color or a lighter brown it depends on what skin tone you have :)

more alert eyes

Dab light eye shadow in the corner of the eye and up a little on the eyelid.
And under the eyebrow.

I use the matte eyeshadow Paese Kashmir Eyeshadow (667)

livelier look

And the same eye shadow under the eye to lighten the shadow that most of us get there (more or less).

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7. Light eyeliner along the waterline:

make up eyes bigger

A bright eyeliner along the waterline makes a huge difference! Mine is tattooed, luxury! Read more about tattooed inliner in this post.It makes the eye and make-up a little "cleaner" when you get rid of redness and more alert when it opens up the gaze.

But here I use glo Skin beauty Precision Eye Pencil in the shade Peach which is a light eyeliner in a perfect off-white / beige tone. If you have one that is too cold or too white, it can look a little unnatural to a neutral make-up.

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8. Lighten up around the lips:

emphasize the lip shape

You can also apply a matte light eye shadow on the cupid's arch on the upper lip, to emphasize the lips extra. I do this with the same eye shadow as around the eyes.

lip makeup for beginners

And / or as I do every make-up - put the bright eyeliner around my lips too! It highlights the lip shape nicely without the need to apply makeup with a sharp edge with lip makeup.

Brightening up under the eyes and around the lips like this can not be imagined as a "make-up tip for beginners", but technically it is not difficult at all. Above all, it is easier than e.g. apply concealer under the eyes or make a sharp lip contour with a lip pencil :)

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9. Black eye shadow instead of eyeliner:

eyeliner for beginners

Do you want to frame your gaze extra? A sharp carbon black eyeliner is considered by many to be difficult and time consuming, especially when it goes wrong. precision!

I use eye shadow Paese Kashmir Eyeshadow in shade 602. It is really good for this because it is carbon black and very pigmented.

As well as the brush Nanshy Angled Detailer Brush. The brushes Nanshy Lip Pencil Brush also works well if you prefer such a variant.

kajal simple

I also recommend painting lashliner / fringe marking. That is, between the eyelashes. Read more about how to make lashliner in this post.

It is also tattooed on me, I am so spoiled;) Read more about permanent makeup at my salon Creative Makeup in Uppsala.

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10. A good mascara that does not crumble or smudge:

good mascara that holds waterproof

Then apply mascara! This is Santhilea Magnetic Lash Mascara. It is water resistant, does not crumble, does not smudge and is easy to wash off as long as you have hot water!

Good everyday mascara simply, fits well all day but does not take long to wash off in the evening.

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11. Colored lip balm:

lipstick beginners

A colored lip balm disappears in a discreet way because it is not comprehensive. This means that you do not have to think so much about the lips during the day because it never looks strange if you need to refill.

In addition, it does not require precision when applying, which means that this step in the make-up routine goes quickly. In addition, no mirror is needed if you improve on the go during the day!

Good complement when highlighting the lip contour with a light eyeliner before;) The lip balm I use is Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm and it is absolutely amazing! I use it no matter how much and always have one in my purse. This is the shade Natural Rose but it is available in more colors as well.


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12. The importance of good products:

I would also like to emphasize that the reason why this make-up is simple is partly due to the fact that it is made with simple techniques, but also with good products!

If you e.g. should apply eye shadow with a worn and perhaps too large makeup brush, and skip eyeshadow primer, well then it will be a struggle to get it nice.

Or if you are going to make a black eyeliner with an eyeshadow with a fluffy pigment that just turns greyish. Then it is difficult.

Or have a foundation that does not settle nicely at all or a brow pencil in the completely wrong color, then you will not be satisfied either.

But if you have found (or received help to find) the perfect make-up routine with good products and tools - then it will be both quick and easy and you will be just as happy every time! :)

The products I used in this make-up:


And here is the end result of my 12 simple makeup tips for beginners:

simple make-up tips for beginners step by step

Can you do anything more to get better at putting on make-up yourself? Yes! :) I have one makeup yourself course at the Helena Amiley Academy of Makeup. The level is beginner / intermediate and is aimed at all private individuals regardless of age, skin type and colors (eye colors, hair colors, undertones, skin tones, etc.).

You do not need any previous knowledge at all to take the make-up course as it mainly focuses on products, steps and make-up tips for beginners, but if you learn all the tips and steps, your make-up is far from beginner level.

Hope the post on makeup tips for beginners was inspiring and helpful!

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Hugs are ♥

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