Hair Wrap - 10 Questions & Answers - (Home Use)

    What is a hair wrap & how to use a hair wrap? Are some of the questions I will answer in this post in addition to all the good tips you can use when using hair wraps ...

    Thread Pilator - Threading at Home (Trudy of Sweden Review)

    I have tested threading at home with a thread pilator (Trudy of Sweden) and my first reaction was literally "what a device !!" Lol. The use and the result were expectations I must say! Or I had no expectations really, but ...

    Makeup removal - 6 best tips, wash off waterproof makeup

    Make-up remover or makeup remover? Here you get my best tips to facilitate your makeup removal, even waterproof makeup! :) Make-up remover or makeup remover? Both are the same, one is just the English name. However, there are ...

    Manuka Honey - Dangerous or Super Cure? (8 benefits of honey)

    I have been using Manukahonung MGO 600+ for a while to relieve my sore throat and try to get rid of my recurring sore throat / throat infections. So now I thought I would share the benefits of this ...




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