All about Brow Lift! - (Brow Lamination / Browlift)

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Brow lift or brow lamination is the new trend in 2020! It is so new that we are surprised by all the questions such as "what is browlift?" "How long does browlift last?" "How to do a browlift?" "Can you do a browlift at home?" etc

Here are all the answers! :)

All about Brow lift

Table of Contents:

  1. What is brow lift?
  2. Why do you do a brow lift?
  3. How long does the brow lift last?
  4. How to do brow lift?
  5. Is brow lift for everyone?
  6. Can you remove the brow lift?
  7. Is the brow lift struggling on the brow?
  8. Can you do a brow lift at home?

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brow lift before and after (browlift - brow lamination)

My eyebrows before and after brow lift. I'm addicted now!

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What is brow lift?

Brow lift is also called brow lamination and there are also brands that have their own names e.g. Yumibrows etc. Dear child has many names, but it is basically the same thing that differs is the brand and the exact products used during the treatment.

Both lash lift and brow lift is really as simple as a permanent - we who have done lash lift for several years before called it "eyelash permanent". So you reshape the strands the way you want them, just like you do to get your hair curly!

In the hair it becomes curly thanks to rolling up the hair on round strands, but on the eyelashes you make a nice bend and on the eyebrows you shape the strands straight up - to then be able to comb them in whichever direction you want, both up and down or and the pages.

In other words: Brow lift means that you can brush the straws however you want - they do not have to lie up and it can also happen that they lie down when you sleep on them and have to be brushed up in the morning :)

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Why do you do a brow lift?

Fuller brows
If you have sparse with straws, the brows can become fuller thanks to the fact that you can brush the straws in different directions so that they do not lie together / on top of each other.

For example, this customer:

before and after brow lift

Well-shaped eyebrows
Some people have a lot of straw but still do not get the shape you want because the straw is not in the direction you want. For example. in the front edge it is common for the straws to lie completely to the side = sparse in the front.

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For example, this customer:

It is also common for them to grow straight down = sparse at the highest point.

For example, this customer:

brow lift glesa bryn browlift

The customer has an old one tattoo below (not made with us) but you really see the difference in the straws at the top anyway!

Sparse brows / gaps in the brows
You do not have to brush the straws straight up but you can brush them over sparse areas.

For example, this customer:

browlift before and after

With brow lift you can, as it were, do a "comb over" to fill in sparse parts. Á la Donald trump firmly on the brow;)

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Welcoming eyebrows that stay in place
Many also have very obsessive eyebrows, then brow lift helps to make the straws lie so nicely combed all day.

For example, this customer:

brow lamination brow lift before and after

Do you see in the model that her straws were very scattered before?

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How long does the brow lift last?

We have not been able to answer this question to 100% before as we ourselves have also been so new to the treatment that we have not been able to say an average. But now my answer is anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks!

What is so individual about brow lift is that it grows away and the eyebrows grow so differently fast on different people. Lash lift on eyelashes lasts a little longer than brow lift I would say as the cycle of the lashes is usually longer than the brow.

I have e.g. two regular customers with a lot of hair growth who come every 3 weeks and on such a person, the brow lift is probably completely gone in 4 weeks. While some other customers come every other month and then the brow lift can sit for up to 8 weeks as well.

In addition, it disappears over and over again. In the beginning they can stay up without you touching them, then you need to brush them in the morning to keep them in place and in the end it becomes harder and harder to brush them as you wish.

I myself have now done brow lift three times and the first time it lasted 1.5 months and the second time I used brow serum and then I did it again after exactly 1 month because the brows grew faster.

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How to do brow lift?

  1. You stick the straws up with a skin glue. Here you look pretty crazy because the straws get so long when they are glued upwards and are licked against the skin.
  2. The first permanent liquid is applied. The duration of action varies depending on hair quality.
  3. A second permanent liquid is applied. Same duration of action as the first liquid.

Everything is washed away and then it's done! Most people also want to color their eyebrows afterwards. We are very careful with the brow color then because the straws absorb more color than usual.

brow lamination browlift brow lift

This is how crazy it looks during gluing :) This photo was taken on my very first test person, therefore it is not completely flawless glued if you look closely. But the result was good anyway!

Here is the result for that customer:

brow lamination browlift brow lift

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Is brow lift for everyone?

Quite frankly, it is possible to do the treatment on everyone but everyone need not brow lift. Some have naturally easy-combed straws that stay in place and can be combed in any direction you want! And then brow lift is an unnecessary treatment.

Browlift is mainly a treatment for you with straws that grow downwards, obsessive straws and / or sparse eyebrows where you can not do a "comb over" over voids and sparse parts without reshaping the straws.

Can you remove the brow lift?

The question is mainly why you want to remove browlift. Do you just think that you fit better without a browlift? Or have you done a failed browlift / brow lamination?

With a successful browlift, it does not need to be removed even if you regret it. You can namely brush the straws as you want anyway. When I do a browlift on myself, I can still brush the straws all the way down even if I want to.

If, on the other hand, you have had a failed brow lift, the situation may be different:

Have your brow hairs stuck in a direction you do not want? For example. there are practitioners who make brow lift very sprawling and unnatural. If the practitioner also had too long an action time, the straws can become so hard that they cannot be brushed as you want.

You can then redo the treatment if your brow hairs are still of good quality. Then you glue the straws as you want them and have a very short duration of action, then they should lie down nicely again without it tearing too much on the straws.

However, have you gotten rough ruffled / worn brows from brow lift and for that reason not got a good result? Then I do not recommend redoing the treatment. You then need to wait the time for it to disappear naturally and use caring products instead.

In my web shop and salon we sell Refectocil Care Balm which I can really recommend. It is oily and caring and "weighs down" the straws a bit if you put on a lot. Good for worn straws. We recommend it in the evening, but for a failed / worn brow lift, you can have it around the clock.

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Is the brow lift struggling on the brow?

All treatments have a certain amount of wear on the hairs, the biggest difference is that you only do the treatment once on the eyebrows - because the next time you come you have completely new eyebrow hairs. Unlike the hair on the head where the quality for people with long hair should last for several years.

The aftercare I usually do is to brush in daily Refectocil Styling Gel with vitamin E and D-Panthenol. Brush / transparent mascara / caring conditioner in the same product! In the evening I hang up Refectocil Care Balm which is fatter and even more caring.

care for lashes and eyebrows

Can you do a brow lift at home?

It is possible to do a brow lift at home and nowadays there are home kits to buy.

If you are used to making your eyebrows and lashes, browlift / brow lamination should not be a problem. If, on the other hand, you do not even pick or dye your eyebrows yourself, you should be more careful. If you want to do a brow lift at home, you can do as I wrote here, thinking about being careful with the duration of action only.

So my tips for doing it at home is to take it easy and not stress and read my entire post first. :)

Read especially section 4 in this post to do brow lift at home. Then I have outlined all the steps and how to do it. Click here to jump to that section.

Browlift or Brow Lamination?

It does not matter which of the treatments you choose, brow lamination and browlift are the same thing. However, browlift can also mean a surgical lift of the eyebrows, it is not to be confused with browlift where you only lift the straws. :)



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I have also made a post about that pick different eyebrow shapes, so if you are interested in eyebrows I can highly recommend it too! :)

Hope you liked my great post that thoroughly went through all the questions you may have about browlift / brow lamination. Should any questions arise, feel free to comment below and ask! :)

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HUG on is !! ♥

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