Amberlaque - Gel nails

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    Gel polish is, in short, a nail polish that is cured under an LED lamp and it lasts much, much longer than regular nail polish.

    Amberlaque is a new gel polish that you fix yourself at home, available at and a starter kit costs SEK 499. Single varnish then costs SEK 150.

    This particular brand is completely newly launched and I who have also tested Depends gel polish can say that Amberlaque is better and simpler in many ways, because it is a "one-step polish"!


    In Depend you need a lamp, cleaning fluid, base coat, colored varnish and a top coat. The cleaning starts with, and ends, when the nails get a sticky surface that must be wiped off. Between each varnish, you should harden the nails under the lamp.

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    When you use Amberlaque, you only need a colored varnish and a lamp, so it's easier and it's faster as you do not have to do as many steps!




    A gel polish (color 237 Moscow) and the cute pink lamp that runs on battery.


    Paint a layer, let it harden under the lamp for 60 seconds.

    The only negative is that the LED lamp has no timer, so you have to keep the time yourself. Which in itself is not a mega job, as it is about a whole minute and not a certain number of seconds.

    (The varnish that is not gray-silver is a regular nail polish, to get some variation on the nails)


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    You harden the four long fingers on your hands first, and have your thumb outside. Finally, take both thumbs at once. So you have your fingers under the lamp for a total of 3 minutes.

    The varnish covers well on the first varnish, but you can also apply a second coat. The important thing is to add a thin layer, and after you have hardened it under the lamp, you can put a new one if you want, and harden again.


    When the nails have been under the lamp, they are completely dry, not sticky at all! You are simply done :)



    Surely it's a nice color? Gray with silver shimmer.



    The nails were done yesterday, so I can not yet answer questions about whether it is easy to remove or how long it lasts. But man ska remove it with a remover, and that ska last up to 20 days.

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    I'll be back with that info when I know, if you're curious? :)



    Nice, fast and easy. I highly recommend this!

    amberlaque gellack


    I found this picture on the website,, here you see all the different shades.

    I love the shimmery ones, the 224 that is at the top is really a nice autumn color, and the blue shimmery 248 a winter color and then the gold shimmery 360 a Christmas and New Year color!

    If you are interested in this, enter the code HELENA when you shop, you get a gift for free :)

    Hugs are!

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