Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade swatch

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    I get a lot of questions from people who do not know what shade to buy on Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade, which is available at e.g. (adlink)

    Here are all the colors of the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade:

    At the time of writing, this Pomade is available in six different shades, but they will probably launch even more later. Here is a swatch on the nuances that are available now:

    anastasia dipbrow pomade swatch

    anastasia dipbrow pomade swatch  IMG_1234_1111_1

    These three shades are suitable for people with relatively light hair color:

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    Blonde is a reasonably light shade that suits most people, neither too hot nor too cold.
    Taupe is a shade that suits a little more rat-colored hair colors.
    Soft Brown is also light but goes a little more in the red direction.


    These shades suit those with darker hair color:

    Medium Brown they fit with fairly warm chocolate brown hair color.
    Dark Brown suitable for dark brunettes with cooler hair color.
    Ebony are the darkest shade and fit those with black hair.

    anastasia dipbrow pomade

    I have Soft Brown for my new hair color! :)

    Are you still unsure which shade of Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade to choose? Medium brown I would say is a pretty safe card that suits most people.

    You do not have to match the hair color exactly, it is very nice for e.g. fair-haired to have darker eyebrows and dark-haired to have lighter brows.

    All shades are available as set (adlink).

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    1. Oh how difficult! On the full page of Anastasia it says that medium brown is an ash brown. Must wait until kicks get the samples! Longing for the next video podcast!

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