Eye tattoo

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    Last Saturday I tattooed the eyes and lips of Annika Söderlund (on Creative Make Up in Uppsala)

    It did not hurt at all, because we stunned properly, but of course it was a little uncomfortable.

    On the one hand, we marked the lash line with a black lashliner, and also opened up the gaze with a white inliner along the waterline. So little still makes a huge difference when you are unmade, I am super happy! :)


    The eyes have almost healed completely, and soon it's time for a return visit when you fill in where needed before you are completely finished.

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    Before the summer I will also color and permanent the lashes, for a complete beach look;) But now I thought I would show what my eyes look like with just mascara!


    By the way, are you curious about permanent makeup? Do you want me to write in more detail about how everything goes exactly?



    Vigorous look, and eyelashes look tight despite "bad lash day"!

    IMG_7439 - copy

    Thumbs up! :)


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