Honest bloggers?

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    The most important thing for me when it comes to the blog is my readers. It's you I blog for, help, inspire, and I can stand for just about everything I write here in the blog.

    From time to time I get sent home products to review, but if I'm not happy, I do not write it either. And if I were to write about a product that I do not use myself, I would also be clear in explaining it.

    It's so damn sad that not all bloggers always think that way. As a reader, you have confidence in the blog you follow.

    I just read in Annica Englund's beauty and health blog that she suggests the eyelash serum Lipocils (in this post) She does not write that she has tested it herself or knows someone it worked for, but only that she "warmly recommends it".

    The crux is that the pictures she has posted, which she also clearly writes "Before and After" on, are my before and after pictures after the fringe industry Revitalash. (You will find my post with all the pictures here)

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    I do not care that these are my pictures she took, they have probably been found on Google or so. But that you market a product with before and after images that do not even match the brand, that is fool people to buy the product.

    Then I can not say for sure either that it is Annica who chose the pictures herself, she may have had them sent by Lipocils or similar. But then I also think that you should print that you can not 100% stand for the pictures.

    The serum is perhaps good and then no damage is done, my thought is though - is it really that good, then you can actually take your own pictures as well.


    Update: Annica has explained that it was the company that gave her my eye pictures. But I still stand for my post, I clearly wrote that if it were that way, it should still appear in some way in her post. This is of course not a kind of pie-throwing against Annica, but is to show how skeptical one should be to all advertising out there even if there are clear before and after pictures!


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