Answers to Questions - Part 2

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    Ronja sa…
    I would very much like a tip on how to make lipstick last longer. Always thinks it disappears so fast and does not feel fun to have to put on again all the time. Preferably more than one tip if you have and preferably something that does not cost too much.

    Response: Buy a matte lipstick instead of a glossy one (IsaDora's matte series is great!), It fits better. Mark with a lip pencil (even there IsaDora has a bra that is transparent, so you do not have to buy a pencil for each pen). Or paint with a colored lip pencil on the entire lips. You can also dab on a little powder, so little that it is not visible. Slightly drier lips last longer, but it must not be too dry either.

    Emma sa…
    I wonder, do you know any place where they have really cheap makeup? and good makeup of course! not something you can buy online, but any store? :) preferably in umeå, haha I can not go anywhere to buy a gift;) H&M know I have very cheap makeup, but she already has everything from there, hahh she is a little make-up princess. hug!

    Response: It is very difficult for me to know which stores are in Umeå, but I guess you at least have them "regular" :) Kicks often have a sale on makeup, for example they have a campaign right now where you can buy IsaDora's lip gloss for only SEK 30! Here in Uppsala, they always have a small sale corner that you can find in. Look there! :)

    Shower from so…
    1. can you have concealer instead of primer on the eyelids?
    2. why do you have a highlight? where to put it?
    3. if you are going to have blush, where should you put it then? where are the cheekbones? have kind of searched everywhere on google, put pictures, look on the surface how to put blush and where the cheekbone is, but never understand!: ((

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    Response: 1. Yes it is possible, but not with all concealers and it usually is not equal good as with a proper primer. It also depends a bit on the eye shadow, some eye shadows stick easily to concealer but some can become flammable. Test with your concealer, and do not apply too much because then the shadow will fold when you blink :)

    2. Highlighter is used to highlight and shape. For example, you highlight the eyes and get a more open look if you put highlighter in the corner of the eye and under the eyebrows. I have written a post before about how to shape the face using highlighter, which you can read here!

    If you press lightly on your cheeks, you feel the cheekbones, they start next to the nose and go up to the ear. You can also pluck a lot with your lips (almost like a fish) then the cheekbones come out a little more! I usually put blush right on the cheekbones, and sometimes a little extra in front on the "apple cheeks" that you get when you smile. Have done one previous posts where you can also see picture!

    :) sa…
    hi, I read your blog every day, get very good ideas from you, nice pictures you take for the make-up. can you not do more tutorials? I think they are hard to understand when you just write how to apply the eye shadows;)
    haha, but you, I'm soon graduating, the only eyeshadow palette I have is the.. do you think you could do a light quick make up of this palette? I would be so incredibly happy! it is difficult to find good tutorials of this palette, then thought yes that maybe you could do one?!;) haha but if you have time, preferably before Tuesday! would be sooo incredibly happy! btw, has eyes / a little gray eyes and blonde / light brown, white dress. hug!!

    Response: Hi, sorry I was late! Have worked over at work and had a lot of packing to fix so I have unfortunately inhave not had time :( But I will become more diligent in doing tutorials, it only takes that much time. But I will quit my job in three weeks, and then probably almost every make-up will appear step by step :)

    Hanna sa…
    your blog, it's absolutely amazing! you are my great inspiration! really! when I do your make-up (I do not have the same brand as you on the make-up but mostly palettes from HM) but then when I put on my make-up it will not be nearly as good as you .. and then they are not fun, yours will be so fantaskist good and then when I do they are just kind of weird;) hahh but have you reached tips on how I can do it better? that they will be better results :)

    Response: Thank you for your kind words, it warms! :) I have an old post about how to make a make-up look more professional, which you can read here. But my best tip for not getting the eye shadows to "stick together" in each other, which many have problems with, is to put eye shadow in the crease line first, and then on the eyelid :) Then you usually get a clearer globe line shading!

    Anna sa…
    Hello Hello!

    I want to start by saying, I really like your blog. Especially makeup pictures, you have such beautiful eyes & what long lashes there !!

    My question is, since I have seen you written a while ago, how to highlight blue eyes ie makeup with orange, gold colors etc.

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    But the question is, because I am from India & have blue eyes, which is not so common. Then I wonder if orange gold color would suit my eyes, ie to my dark skin color? I mostly think that it should suit my dark skin. What do you think? Grateful for answers

    Response: My first opinion is - if you feel good, you fit in! Everything is basically about taste :) But I can also add that I think it's sickly nice with gold and orange for darker skin, really nice! It will be as good as it gets to your blue eyes :)

    Anonymous :))) sa…
    åååhh yes love your blog !! you really give me inspiration !!

    I have school graduation on Tuesday, I'll have that dress, I have blonde hair, dark green eyes. I wonder, which eyeshadow color suits me best? I'm only 14 years old so I do not have much makeup, I almost have this palette, or it is a smaller chair, the one I have is not on HM´'s website, it has 12 different colors, not many colorful ones.
    I wonder, should I have dark colors closer to the eye and further up the eyelid lighter colors? or vice versa? or should I invest in other colors?

    thanks in advance! (:

    Response: I apologize to you too because I was too late! Hope you felt nice anyway :) How you apply the eye shadows is entirely up to you, do what you think is best! Light closest to the eye is what I do most as you often get the impression of having larger eyes then, but darkest on the inside and lighter on the outside gives a more smoky impression which is also nice :)


    Hope you are happy with the answers!


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