Apply Pixi Illuminating Tint & Conceal

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    Hi Helena! I have read your posts about Pixi's colored day cream + concealer and am thinking of buying one at home! Your latest post "natural bass makeup" contained great info and wow what pictures of Frida! However, I want a post where you not only show before and after but also how the result is between, what it looks like after just day cream. If you can post it, I will be very happy! ”

    Absolutely! :)

    And you who missed the post ”Natural bass makeup”Can click on it and read about everything from shade selection to application and see pictures where I have made up Frida who has both blemishes she wants to make off, as well as freckles that are happy to shine through :) And then this product is perfect!


    Pixi Illuminating Tint & Conceal is a wonderful multifunctional product that works as a colored day cream, sunscreen and concealer and provides a natural coverage full of luster!

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    The colored day cream contains, among other things:
    Ginseng extract - Has anti-aging properties and evens out skin tone.
    Ginkgo extract - Anti-inflammatory, soothing and reduces redness of the skin.
    Extracts from Roman chamomile - Anti-inflammatory, wound healing and soothing.
    Extracts from Kamelia oleifera - Moisturizes the skin and makes it soft.

    The concealer contains aloe vera, Vitamin E and Vitamin C, which nourish and moisturize the skin.


    If you unscrew the cap, it is an ordinary tube package with colored, lustrous day cream that provides a very light coverage. And in the cap you unscrewed, there is a concealer that you can easily dab on areas that need more coverage. Super smart!

    pixi-tint - & - conceal-before-between-after

    Here you see the result step by step on my cheek, first unmade up, then with the day cream and finally the pimples are conjured away with the concealer as well.


    1. Clean your face and apply the colored day cream.


    2. Dab on concealer on the areas you want to cover a little extra. The formula is incredibly soft and smooth, and glides on easily like a patch on the skin while providing superb coverage.

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    3. Spread the concealer color by dabbing with your fingertip.


    Then it's ready! Nice both if you are made up, and if you are "unmade up".

    If you cover the skin more than this, you can usually look a little flat on the face, and then you need contouring, blush, eyebrows, etc. to not look like a ghost. But with this base from Pixi, you end up right at a limit, I think, that you are super nice even if you stop putting on make-up here and do nothing more at all :) No make-up made up!

    But now I think I have included everything that can be said about this, if you read my latest posts about it. But if you have any questions, it is as usual just to comment and I will answer as soon as possible.

    Hug! ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
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