Balayage Uppsala

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    Balayage is a way to dye / bleach the hair that has become very trendy lately and I think it's so nice! I do my balayage in Uppsala.

    Monica Werner who runs the salon Color and the shape in Uppsala has taken several courses in these techniques and is extremely good, she has so many color customers that she no longer accepts customers who only book haircuts.

    In fact, lately I have not been able to recommend her at all because she had a total booking ban for new customers, but now she has opened up for everyone to book her again and thinks it is great fun with new faces in the hairdresser's chair - so now you all can book an appointment with her! :) I have been going to her for any number of years, so I am definitely not sponsored but this is simply a genuine tip for all of you who have the roads past Uppsala.

    Balayage Uppsala

    Anyway, she used the balayage technique when she lit up my long outgrowth this Monday. This is how nice it turned out:

    Balayage Uppsala

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    She blow-dried her hair and curled with straighteners because if you blow-dry a permanent hair it will be fresh, so my permanent has not disappeared, it's just another styling. Will be washing my hair this weekend, it will be fun to see what the permanent looks like in shorter hair!

    What is balayage?
    Balayage is a technique you use to get a more natural result when you lighten the hair with bleaching, more sun-kissed than curls :) There will be more depth / dimensions in the hair, with darker in the scalp, which gives more life than if you dye / bleaches the entire hair in the same color.

    How much contrast you have in the base color compared to the tops is different. Right now we have a very gentle transition because she did not want to bleach so hard on my permanent hair. It is illuminated but I still feel darker because she cut off what was most pale haha. In the tops I was almost completely bleached since before :)

    Bleach the hair

    I think there are several different ways to do balayage, but this is how my hair looked from above during the treatment!

    Balayage Uppsala

    Monica's dog Zambo is at the salon, the world's finest! Monica is not only my hairdresser but my friend as well and it was so cozy during the working time on the floor with a cup of coffee and a dog treat :)

    Balayage is an investment
    I often talk to customers at the salon who go to the hairdresser every other month to color the growth and I think every time "god how nice it is with balayage!".

    The base color in my hair is namely my natural and then when it grows out, it blends in with the rest of the hair very nicely. Before, when I completely bleached my hair, it took a month ago, you bothered on that sharp edge in the scalp every single day!

    Now it's exactly 10 months since I last visited Monica and it still looks good!

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    Balayage Uppsala

    Fint va? :)

    I think it was nice before too, I do not mind the long growth in terms of appearance because it goes together so nicely with the rest of the hair. But on the one hand I wanted shorter hair again (has time to grow a lot in almost a year) and also I do not like the quality of the growth because it is for good haha.

    When you bleach your hair, the structure becomes more porous / rough even though it still feels well-groomed - which makes it easier to get volume. When I have my own hair color, the hair is so soft and heavy! Then it is almost impossible to get volume.

    Balayage before and after

    My hair color is a bit of a mystery because it looks different all the time, I almost always hear "have you dyed your hair?" Lol. The tone differs a little depending on how long / how much I had of my colored packaging in the shower, but also a lot depending on how much I fluffed up the volume, what legs I have or if I have it set up.

    Compare with this post (link) as I wrote 2 months ago. Now I have bleached my hair more than then but it looks so much lighter in that hairstyle. How is that even possible :)

    Balayage Uppsala

    My photo light at home gets a little flat so I finish with a picture that Monica took of me at the salon with her mobile, then the shifts will look great!

    The curls she made have held so well that my permanent has not started to appear even though it is 3 days ago now. But I long for the weekend when I will wash it at home because it will be exciting to see what it looks like when it is curly :) I hope the permanent has stayed nice!

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    Monica has super-service on her website and do online consultations with all new customers where you send in pictures of your hair. Then she can answer exactly what is possible based on your conditions and book in long enough, because with all the balayage techniques and stuff like that now, it is very difficult to place that responsibility on the customer. You have no idea about that!

    She is not cheap Monica, but so professional and it is also worth it if you are going to dye balayage - because if you do it well, it can take over a year before you need to book the next time. Love it :)

    For fun, I show how my hair has changed in the last 4.5 years! The pictures are in order (although I have had more intermediate colors between the pictures) and the oldest was taken in May 2015. By then we had not started the salon yet!

    balayage vs ombre

    In the picture, I think that the warm tones are very nice, but nowadays I thrive best in as cold as possible. I enjoyed both pink and turquoise but only when I was fixed :)

    Variety is the most fun I think! Just to vary different tones on blonde hair, I think makes a difference, then you never get tired.

    If you are also going to do balayage uppsala, I recommend going to Monica Werner! :)

    Hugs are! ♥

    Also read my second post about balayage uppsala:

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