Batiste Floral Essense & Bloom (Dry Shampoo)

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    In May, Batiste launched two completely new fragrances on their popular dry shampoos, I have received a home sample of them and thought of showing them to you now. Both smell so incredibly summery and good :)

    Batiste is not one of my favorite brands when it comes to dry shampoo, I have too sensitive scalp to be able to use it regularly (starts itching) and also the hair gets a little grayish so you have to work it in with your fingers a lot to get the hair color nice. But it is definitely an affordable product that does its job and is available in lots of wonderful scents, and I know that many of you love Batiste, so I was still going to show you these scents! :)


    And I must say that it is a joy to have these nice bottles visible on the bathroom shelf, so nice!

    Floral Essences - Smells sweet and summery, and has a fairly light scent. Could definitely use it as just perfume :) My absolute favorite fragrance from the entire Batiste range!
    Bloom - Does not smell as sweet but more floral, but still not like the classic floral scent you often feel from perfumes that can feel a little strong. This fragrance is a little milder than Floral Essences.

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    In other words, both smell incredibly good and summery, and I will therefore definitely use these this summer, even though I recruit with other brands in between to let my scalp rest :)


    Available for purchase at e.g. HERE where precisely these scents cost SEK 69 each.

    In other words, for those of you who do not have as oily hair as me (need to use a lot of dry shampoo and almost every day) and who want a dry shampoo that smells wonderful without ruining your wallet, to you I recommend these two from Batiste. Perfect to spray a little at the bottom and smell good in the hair afterwards!

    What do you think of Batiste? :)


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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. I feel much like you. :) I like that Batiste is so cheap but I can not use it too often precisely because it dries out and irritates the scalp. I wish they could make a colorless dry shampoo with less alcohol in it… However, it is great to have in the bathroom in case of emergency when you need to freshen up your hair. I prefer the original and that scent, but I'll probably check out Bloom.

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