Batiste Heavenly Volume - Dry Shampoo

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    I was very happy when I got home a test sample of Batiste's new dry shampoo "Heavenly Volume" as I love dry shampoo that also gives volume, because my hair quickly becomes both oily and super flat.

    You who have followed my blog for a long time know that I am not 100% fond of Batiste, they slow down the hair well and are cheap and are in many fun scents so they are definitely not bad, but I get so heavenly irritated scalp from them so that it begins to itch in the scalp. But as a dry shampoo eater and also a volume junkie, you can stand it, it's not that bad, but I could not use Batiste every day all the time :)

    At least now I have tested Batiste Heavenly Volume for 2 weeks and thought I would tell you what I think!


    As with all Batiste's dry shampoos, it mattifies the hair well, and it does not feel rough on the scalp, many volume-giving dry shampoos can otherwise feel a little rough. And as with all Batiste dry shampoos, I get irritated scalp and also think that the matte effect is not as long-lasting as with some other dry shampoos. So it is both plus and minus :)

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    But this volume effect then? It gives absolutely more volume than the usual ones from Batiste, but no wow effect I have to say as the hair does not get very much volume and also the volume does not want to last that long but you have to puff it up with your fingers a few times during the day.

    Recommended for - You who just want a little volume and who do not have sensitive scalp, you will probably like this! Affordable and good for SEK 79 on HERE.

    But for you with sensitive scalp or who want lots of volume (or have a hard time getting volume like me) you will probably like me more, better than the usual from Batiste but no wow-result :)


    As you can see in the before and after pictures, you definitely get more volume, but on my hair, as I said, it will not be super much volume and not so long-lasting.

    It is relatively newly launched, but have any of you had time to test it yet? And in such cases, what do you think? :)

    Hug ♥

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    1. I have had time to test it too! I like this more than Batiste XXL volume, as XXL volume gives a sticky feeling in the scalp that I do not like. This gives less volume than it, but makes the hair feel clean so I like it. Will probably buy this again if I do not find something else exciting I want to try :)

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