Improve your lipstick on the go

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    Do you think it is nice with colorful and / or dark lip colors? Dare to use it too (or above all) when you go to events and other fun! :)

    Many people skip strong lip colors so as not to have to keep an eye on the lipstick / improve during the day, but do you know? It's actually not hard at all!

    It is so many I talk to who love strong / darker lip colors and who even have several pieces at home that they enjoy very much - but when it comes to the crunch and you are going on something fun, you still take a more discreet tone just to the thought of having to keep track of the lipstick and get better during the evening feels awkward.

    For those of you who recognize yourself in this:

    1. If you have the right products, you actually do not need to improve very often.
    2. The point of this post - Improving lip makeup is actually not that hard! :)

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    Here I am sitting in a vegetarian restaurant in Granada. The lips are a red lip pencil (Benecos Natural Lip Liner in my webshop) which I have on my whole lips - holds great, but nothing holds for the big green hamburger I had just pressed in me;) A small pocket mirror and pen in the handbag take up zero space. Then there are a few quick strokes with the pen and I have an equally nice red mouth for several more hours!

    I also skipped strong lipsticks before!

    Before, I also always skipped colorful lipsticks when I was going away due to not having to think about my lips. Then I went to the Swedish Beauty & Cosmetic Awards 2015 and the theme was 20s, it was not possible to skip dark lips then as well;) despite a 3-course dinner, 400 guests from the beauty industry and photographers around! I remember thinking about it a lot before, should I run to the toilet and reflect between each dish?

    Then we sat around the dinner table and opposite me sat Linda Hallberg who was then much more experienced than me, both in terms of lipstick and big events;) She had dark plum lips and within a few seconds she picked up a small pocket mirror and a lipstick from his envelope bag, pulled two pulls and then down again. So fast! So simple! Is really about seconds :)

    I had not even thought the thought before that it would be so simple. As easy as you take a little lip balm or a chewing gum, it is just as easy to improve the lipstick even if it is a bright color and sharp edges. After this, I always have which lipstick I want on me!

    Another night at Valdevaqueros in Tarifa :) Here I have the lip pencil glo Lip Pencil (Vino) which is also available in my web shop!

    Product tips!

    You do not have to have a lip liner for it to last a long time / be easy to improve, but carpet and more "solid" products generally last longer than e.g. lip gloss or creamy lipsticks that glide around more on the lips.

    There is a combo that I run almost every day (when I do not take blog makeup, then I want to vary more) and it is lip pencil and a colored lip balm!

    The lip pencil in the contours lasts all day (you rarely eat so that it sabs out in the contours, a little depending on how narrow lips you have of course) and the colored lip balm is so soft and nice on the lips and because it is not as opaque as a lipstick so you can improve without the need for a mirror! Two moves later it's done :)

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    In this picture I have glo Lip Liner (Moxie) in the contours + intonated a little against the lip, then Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm (Scarlet Sobert) on the rest of the lips. So nice, so durable and so easy to improve on! :) Also available in my webshop!

    This Tuesday we came home from Spain and this is my first post after the trip :) You who follow me on Instagram have seen a lot! Usually you set out from the finest angles and the best opportunities so that the holiday looks more dreamy from the outside than it actually is, but despite all the nice pictures, I feel the opposite - it is not close to how good we had it! So completely magical !! Such nice places and we have laughed a lot and had such a great time together, best ♥

    I have put on more make-up than I usually do on holiday too, a good sign I think! That the inspiration is there even though I do not put on make-up for the job :) A lot of lipstick, eyeliner and glitter in the corner of the eye! And a sloppy hair knot every day, it was crazy too hot to let go!

    Hope you did not think the blog was too boring during the time with timed posts.

    Hugs are!

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!

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