Make lashes grow - Beauty Lash eyelash serum

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    Now finally I will show you the before and after pictures after 7 weeks of using Beauty Lash! :)


    What is Beauty Lash?
    Beauty Lash is transparent and looks like water, and contains Black Sea Rod Oil which is found naturally in the coral Caribbean Coral Plexaura homomalla which extends the growth phase of the eyelashes and gives them strength and elasticity. The hair roots are stimulated and the eyelashes are activated to grow. After 6-8 weeks, you have longer and fuller eyelashes!

    You apply the serum on the lash line (skin, not the lashes) every night before going to bed, and after 6-8 weeks you see the end result. These pictures are after 7 weeks, could not stick to 8 haha!


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    Other brands
    I have previously used Revitalash, which worked gallantly on me! Until they changed formula because it contained an ingredient that was classified as a medicine and not cosmetic in Europe. The new version did not give any results at all, and it was also significantly cheaper, which (often) indicates that it did not contain as good ingredients. And so I have tested Xlash as well, two or three times I have started, but get so irritated eyes from it that I have always stopped after a few days.

    But then I talked to Annika (who also used lash serum since Revitalash existed) and after testing a lot, she fell head over heels for Beauty Lash, an eyelash serum from Refectocil which is the same brand that we dye lashes and eyebrows with. She never puts on make-up but only runs with serum, paint and permanent + tattoos, and every time you say that she is unmade up to customers who wonder what tattooed eyeliner looks like, they always say "but she has mascara", but she has never :)


    In addition to the lashes getting longer, I also think they feel stronger. And I have neglected a lot during these 7 weeks, I must also admit, but you should not do that, I would have lubricated every night + waited 8 weeks, maybe I would have gotten even better results. But I'm very happy now I have to say, they do not have to stay longer :)

    Here is my result after 7 weeks:


    When you look at the globe line and compare how far the straws extend over that line in the afterimage, you realize how much longer they really are :)


    After 6-8 weeks
    Then when you get the full length of the lashes, you do not need to lubricate as often, about 3 evenings a week Annika usually does and then they stay so nice all the time.


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    I would also recommend using Refectocil Long Lash Gel which is like a caring wrap for the lashes, it partly makes the lashes stronger, and just like well-groomed hair on the head, the color is much better after coloring if you have cared for hair. So this cream makes both lashes more well-groomed and makes lash colors last longer.

    It can be used under mascara (or as a transparent mascara if you, like me, already have nice lashes but want to make them a little shiny). But I use it in the evening and sleep with it as a wrap.

    Beauty Lash costs SEK 1295 and is available both in our store in Uppsala and at here. We have several regular customers who buy it regularly and get great results!


    In this picture I am completely unmade up! And the nice result is a combo between:
    Beauty Lash which gives long eyelashes
    ♥ Permanent eyelash that makes them bend all the time
    ♥ Lash coloring that makes the lashes black
    ♥ Permanent makeup lashliner, which makes the lashes look dense and full
    ♥ Permanent makeup inliner, bright along the waterline that brightens up the eyes

    You will find more info about the treatments and prices :)

    Hugs are!

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Hey!
      Does it hurt every time you apply the beautilash serum or does it go away after a couple of applications? - It hurts me a little, I wonder if you have experienced something like that?

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