Beauty preparations for a sun holiday

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    I am such a person who likes to get ready before the party is almost as fun as the party itself haha. To do a party make-up, fix your hair, pop music, put on nice clothes and all that! The very best is when you are free for a whole day and are going to a party in the evening (it never happens, hehe) because then you can start with a bath, scrub, shave your legs and have a whole spa day with manicure and stuff before slowly entering party mode closer to the evening :)

    I feel the same principle now when we go on a sun holiday haha! We leave early tomorrow and I have really enjoyed my beauty preparations before and thought of sharing my beauty to-do list before the trip!

    An unmade-up Helena! And completely awake too in fact, photographed this before 6 o'clock in the morning and had a hard time keeping my eyes open in front of the bright studio lights haha.

    A little dry around the lips just as you might see (?) But that's because I tattooed highlighter outside the lip contours last Monday haha, so it's healing :)

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    Permanent makeup
    I have not done any tattoo recently apart from the highlighter and it is very discreet, so that point is not part of my preparations this week, but for the whole to be this good without makeup, the tattoos make a big difference. Brow tattoo, black lashliner between the lashes, light inliner along the waterline, and then the lips are also tattooed. Gold worth! I have also made brown lashliner on the lower lash line but it has faded so much so hardly worth mentioning hehe.

    Eyelash permanent (lash lift), lash color and eyebrow color
    This point is what I enjoy most right now, nice lashes and eyebrows right when you wake up in the morning and no matter how much you bathe! I do not mind looking unmade up but still want to feel "a little extra" on holiday, this makes the trip feel even more luxurious if possible! :)

    I do not usually wear permanent eyelashes so often because I do not want the lashes to be in the way when I take photos step by step of my make-up. It lasts for a whole 2 months type. But we did a pretty soft bend (varies according to the choice of coil) you can lift them even more with other coils, and then we just put permanent liquid in the bottom of the lashes and not all the way up to the tops, and we also had a shorter duration than what you usually have. The result is as I wanted - a suitable bend that makes them visible when I look, but it should not be worst lashes, and I am extremely happy with the result!

    It was Olga who fixed mine and she is super good, I had to check the statistics in our booking system and she has done 574 eyelash permanents in one year! Crazy many really :)

    Check out how nice it turned out:

    I love my eyes right now, the mix of tattoos and the coloring I did this week. It is so natural at the same time as it gives a lot of effect!

    Deep cleansing of the skin
    This Sunday and yesterday, Miska and I basked and scrubbed ourselves properly! You can also do this in a really hot bath or a long shower if you do not have a sauna. Getting rid of dead skin cells before sunbathing makes the tan more even (if you, like me, have a tendency to get an uneven tan) and above all, it becomes much more durable.

    In the face I have exfoliated the skin a lot, not with acids because you should not have it in the sun, but enzyme peels and deep cleansing face masks I have used extra the last 2 weeks and alternated with moisturizing masks because otherwise my skin can get a little irritated. It has made a very big difference and my skin shows that it appreciates it too, does not have a single large pimple right now which is not the norm :)

    While we lit the sauna yesterday, I sat in front of the fire and fixed manicures on my nails. I will not actually paint nail polish on the trip because I do not have the strength to take it with me and improve / redo. But I still want nice nails!

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    After the renovation at home, my nails have been chaos, but I have been good at lubricating the last 2 weeks and the cuticles are already starting to become themselves again. Yesterday I fixed the cuticles with cuticle remover, filed, polished (only a little where it is needed most, do not want thinner nails) lubricated with nail oil and hand cream.

    In addition, I painted them with IsaDora's new Rock Base Nail hardener & ridge filler! This should actually be allowed to accompany the trip. Have only tested it once before yesterday's manicure and the first impression is very good actually, I have a lot of streaks on the nails but they are barely visible at all with this and the nails become easily shiny and look very well groomed.

    Pedicure on my feet I did in the sauna! Scrubbed the heels and fixed, and then afterwards I did a cuticle remover on the cuticles on the toenails as well and actually put IsaDora Rock Base on the toenails as well, and lubricated with foot cream and cuticle oil. The feet were like new, almost that they are too nice for my old flipflops now haha!

    Here I tested it for the first time, it was before the manicure, but you can see that the nails look healthy, should have photographed a role model actually because there is a big difference! However, must test more to be able to come back with a proper review, this is just my first impression.

    Right now I'm as ready as you can get haha, Mexico here I come!

    Maybe I should add if there is someone new who reads even though you all know it already, that all treatments I have done with permanent makeup and lashes and eyebrows are done at my salon Creative Makeup :)

    Hugs are! ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


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