Behind the scenes

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    It is rare to have such a good workplace as we had at the shoot yesterday! We kept house on Krusenbergs Herrgård outside Uppsala, in Geijerska Flygeln on the farm. There, the staff had set up both coffee, sandwiches and fruit so we managed during the day. What a service!

    In the incredibly beautiful environment, we kept house all day and created great pictures. Had I had more money, I would have invited Miska there on our anniversary and had a little luxury at their hotel! But it may be another year :)

    I put on make-up, Tove Castor Styled, Karin Uggla (who actually works as a decorator and interior designer) modeled and the photographer was Maria Öhman. A great team I must say!

    The actual filming we did in collaboration with Oscar Borgström, a brand that makes a lot of bags and accessories in coarse fabrics and leather.

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    Karin's make-up was done with iMys earthy 88 palette.

    I got so hot in my knitted sweater and had no tank top underneath, so Karin was kind and lent her which was a little cooler! So you do not wonder why I change outfits further down in the post;)

    The fun (or embarrassing) thing about working with photographers and taking a lot of pictures "behind the scenes", is that the photographers always panic when they see how I handle my own stuff. You can not put the lens straight down in the makeup bag without protection either! But I put it carefully;)

    I got to hang out with these crazy poodle women all day. No, you did not feel at all like a licked cat with the world's most boring hairstyle, not at all!

    Give me these shortchaps now thanks, the phase so cool! :)

    The dress is from Rodebjer.

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    Fruit break!

    Many people think that the makeup artist's job is done when you have finished your make-up. But it will be an equally long day for me, as you have to stay in place and keep track of the make-up.

    It is hot in the lamps and tiring for the model who needs many lunch breaks to get energy, so powder and lips need to be improved quite often.

    Here the work is over for the day, and Maria had prepared with the computer so we could check it out and help select the best pictures at once. Nice!

    It was my work day! :)

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


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