Behind the scenes - The time of transformations!

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    We have a lot of improvements going on at the salon, but there is a lot of planning behind everything and most of the time you think that things are going crazy too slowly and preferably should be clear just now! But the last two days, a few things have finally started to fall into place :)

    One of the things (which is still not completely finished but there will be even more) is our lovely shop windows. We have long wanted as much transparency as possible as we have it so nice in here, but it results in our huge shop windows not being as good marketing as they could be. People see a nice salon, but do not really understand what we do in here hehe.

    But yesterday finally came some of the signs we have ordered!


    Skillful Miska was a real star at setting everything up ♥

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    Here you see both Annika and Enorma-Annika who are now also sitting in the shop window! She is completely unmade up in the picture and of course permanently represents the makeup part.

    And this is how nice it is from the outside now:


    On one side of the corner room we have Alex who whitens teeth, info about Brilliant Smile (the brand we whiten with) and before and after pictures of teeth whitening. Fint va? :)


    And on the other side is Annika with tattoos made by her and Amir!


    There will be a sign in the middle window on the corner as well, and then smaller signs in the right windows on the side (inside is the store itself).


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    And this is what it looks like in the evening! Fint va? :)

    As I said, it will be even better soon. But a good start! You are very welcome to respond, what do you as customers prefer to see in a shop window?

    But in addition to transformations in premises and appearance, we are also working on business development to become even better in that area as well. Me, Miska and Annika have gone on several course days with Peragenda before, which I also wrote about here in the blog :) And today it was finally time for a full day with the staff! How fun!


    Here you see the whole team ♥ Only Malin is missing but she only works from home and is on maternity leave.

    We think it's very important to get everyone involved in this with Peragenda, it's incredibly educational and inspiring, and we want everyone to feel involved and think it's fun to make the company grow, and everyone was sooo excited after today's meeting, really fun! We are the best team in the world! :)

    Now I'm going to lay in bed after a long day. Hope you had as good a Thursday as I did! Hug ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Fresh and nice! As a customer, I am ALWAYS looking for prices. Sometimes I have dared to come in and have been "forced" to buy things that are too expensive - yes, many times I am dissatisfied with the experience = bad review to friends. So dare to set prices (starting prices ex).

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