Beneco's eye shadows

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    Benecos have a lot of different eye shadows, but the ones I really fell for are their Baked Duo palettes with two eye shadows and the Quattro palettes with four eye shadows.

    Both of these are available in two different color scales - earthy and purple. And that it was precisely these color combinations that made me happy with Paese's Trio eye shadows, it is precisely the earthy and the purple palette that is most popular among my customers!

    All eye shadows are pigment-rich and easy to work with! And as usual (just like with all eyeshadows), I still recommend always using an eyeshadow primer for best results :)


    Benecos Natural Quattro Eyeshadow in the shade Coffee and Cream is a perfect mix of earthy shades from light to dark!

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    The light shade is matte and creamy white - perfect for highlighting both make-up and face (for people with fair skin) because it has a yellow undertone. A chalk-white eyeshadow can easily turn gray if you use it as a highlighter in large areas. But this one is perfect!

    The golden brown eye shadow has a super nice shine and luster and has a very nice golden tone that goes a little more to bronze than yellow gold.

    The light brown eye shadow also has a nice shine and works both well when you want light elements in a make-up but is also crazy good-looking on the entire eyelid on an everyday make-up! Discreet but visible :)

    The dark brown eye shadow has a perfect brown shade in my opinion, it is matte but not completely matte but still has a discreet luster. Works great for darkening make-up or using alone for a nice smokey eye.


    Benecos Baked Duo Eyeshadow in the shade Celebrate contains a light eye shadow and a semi-dark brown eye shadow.

    The light eye shadow is off-white and has a crazy nice glow and gives the eyes a nice glow. Works both for the brown shade, all alone and for all other types of make-up! Very nice both in the corner of the eye, under the brow or on the entire eyelid.

    The brown eye shadow also has the same nice luster, but also contains a little small, small glitter grains that look gorgeous on the eyelid!


    Benecos Natural Quattro Eyeshadow in the shade Beautiful Eyes contains two earthy shades and two purple! A very nice palette for everyone, but above all highlights green eyes.

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    The light eye shadow is "gray-beige white" (sometimes you just have super hard to define a shade haha) and has such a nice shine! It is great both as a big part of the make-up or to brighten up the corner of the eye.

    The purple eye shadow is a very soft purple that does not get too puffy on the eyelid, and therefore I think that very many will enjoy it both for a party make-up or everyday make-up. It is neither matte nor shimmery but a reasonable middle ground!

    The dark brown eye shadow is so good looking I almost collapse! It is intensely dark brown and contains small, tiny golden glitter grains! Great if you want to darken your purple make-up, but also completely alone on the eyelid.

    The pink-purple eye shadow is also very soft in tone and goes very well with the purple color for a little more life in the make-up! It is also very nice all alone on a light everyday make-up.


    Beneco's Baked Duo Eyeshadow in the shade Party are two purple eye shadows, one light and one darker and both are very cold and nice!

    The light purple eye shadow is so light that it almost feels a little pink. It has an incredibly fine shine and also contains small, small glitter grains that look super beautiful on the eyelid! Great for everyday but also suitable for parties thanks to the eyes sparkling so nicely with it :)

    The darker purple shade is a little more gray-purple, shitty shade both together with the light color, completely alone, or imagine together with a matte black eye shadow when you go to a party. Nice! It has a super nice shine and luster and reflects light very nicely.

    Hope you like the colors as much as I do! The 4-palettes cost SEK 79 and the 2-palettes cost SEK 75. You will find all Benecos products here!

    Hugs are! ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Hey! I have a bit of a hard time figuring out the order in which to apply eye shadow. We say I use, primer, powder foundation, eye shadow. I apply primer first all over the face even on the eyelids. Then I take my powder foundation in the eyelid as well and then on that I take eye shadow, is this wrong? Shouldn't you take your base in the eyelid? And if you use eye shadow primer, should you apply it on your regular primer or should you not have your regular primer on the eyelid? Then I also wonder if you can mix liquid and powder stuff. Type, can I have liquid concealer but powder foundation? Or will it look completely crazy? And if so, do you take the concealer first and powder over or vice versa? Feeling completely lost! Sorry for such a heavenly long question! But would really appreciate if you had time to answer this :(

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