Benetint - Colored "liquid" for the lips

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    There are several different types of lip tint, but what they all have in common is that they color the lips so that the pigments sink into the lip and sit much better than e.g. a color that sits on the surface of the lips, as lip gloss and lipstick do.

    In one of my boxes from Glossybox I got a small bottle with lip tint - Benefit Benetint Lip & Cheek Color, which is a red liquid with the included brush that can be used for both lips and cheeks.

    I have not used it on the cheeks yet, but on the lips I have put it to the test and now thought to give my review! :)


    What is Benefit Benetint Lip & Cheek Color?
    The light transparent formula adds color to both lips and cheeks and gives a natural glow”It says about the product on Glossybox's website. It does not say much, but it is a red liquid in a small, small bottle, and in the cork is a brush with which you can paint this colored liquid on your lips. This liquid sinks quickly into the skin and the color becomes completely rub-proof.

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    If you read about Benetint on Glossybox website it has received 59 reviews and a total average of 3 out of 5 stars in customer ratings. And these are very mixed opinions, so I think it will be different on different lips / skin types, so you can include that in the calculations if you are eager to test.

    However, I like the product much, much more than I get the idea when I read the reviews! :)


    It is as easy to use as it looks, just to brush on! If you have a lot of lines around the mouth, it can slide out a little because it is a thin liquid, but on my lips it will not be so at all.

    Many reviews say that it tastes / smells super disgusting, but it is not something I have reflected on strangely enough. It is not flavored nor completely odorless, but I do not think it has a direct strong taste / aroma.

    The lips look like before but with a nicer color! If you brush a thin layer, the lips get a soft and discreet red-pink shade, but you can easily get more effect by brushing on another layer.

    What strikes me is how even the color becomes, not all lip tints are.



    The lips feel like when they are almost unmade up.

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    I have tested the lip tint on the hand, on the lips (several times) and also on my friend's lips - with different results. So I want to emphasize again that how long this lasts depends very much on how your own lip is.

    On my lips - The durability is really good! Does not last from morning to evening, but incredibly long and more than half the day I would say. It disappears faster if you have an oil-based lip gloss over, I have noticed.

    On my hand - Holds almost too well! Sat like a slap all day and was just a little, a little brighter in the evening, even though I washed my hands many times. I think it was only on the 3rd day that the paint was completely gone from the hand, and then I had even tried to scrub off the paint.

    On my friend's lips - Just put a very thin layer, and she thought it disappeared as fast as a regular lipstick.


    Here you see the difference between one layer and 2 layers. In the pictures in this post, I have one layer on the entire lips, and 2 layers in the contours. Then my lip tattoo makes the lip naturally lighter in the middle as well.


    Summary - I really like this one and will continue to use it! The very best was when I had it together with matte lipstick from gloMinerals (you will see that make-up tomorrow), really bang-looking and superb durability! Had it when we were at a concert last Saturday and I hardly needed to improve on anything. Quick and easy to use product if you just want a nice tone on the lips. However, it does not seem to look good / works well on everyone's lips, so it is not a safe card, but worth trying anyway I think!

    I got it as I said with Glossybox which you have to subscribe to, but it is also available HERE.

    Any of you who got this in your Glossybox? What do you think of it? :)

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    Hug! ♥


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