Best-selling face primer!

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    A good face primer can be the savior in the need to get a base that is both even and good-looking, and that lasts from morning to evening. Here is my post about our best selling face primer!

    Why use face primer?

    There are lots of different face primers, and which one you should choose is partly about what type of skin you have, but also what you want to achieve for results. But the basic properties of a face primer are to even out the skin and make the face a better surface to put on make-up - much like painting undercoat on the nails or sanding a wall before you start painting, the result is nicer and more durable :)

    Paese Makeup Base

    My favorite primer, and many of my clients' favorite primers, are Paese Makeup Base available in different varieties, I use it for oily skin. has received a full 25 reviews on these primers that you can go in and read, great fun! And we have several repeat customers who buy these primers over and over again, and that is the best response you can get ♥

    Best-selling face primer!

    What is Paese Makeup Base?

    Paese Makeup Base is available in three different variants, Matte, Smoothing and Illuminating. The transparent is dull, the white is good for dry skin and the light pink contains light-reflecting pigments that liven up dull and lifeless skin.

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    Properties that apply to all three:
    ♥ Smoothes the skin and fills in pores and fine lines
    ♥ Make the skin silky smooth, you feel like velvet!
    ♥ Makes your makeup last longer
    ♥ Is gentle on the skin and also suitable for sensitive skin

    The primer is packaged in hygienic pump bottles, contains 15 ml and costs SEK 169.



    The texture is very smooth and incredibly good, one pump is enough for the whole face.


    Matte Base:

    Is my personal favorite primer and is also the one who has received the most reviews. I have very oily skin, and this primer in combination with Paese Bamboo Silk Powder works wonders! Instead of having to powder myself once an hour, 1-2 times a day is enough. Really wonderful.

    The primer is specifically formulated to soothe oily skin, and contains a large dose of vitamin E.

    Without this primer, the face becomes shiny much faster, and many people experience that the foundation begins to melt and slide in the face, which often results in it looking a bit cakey after a few hours.


    Smoothing Base:

    Is moisturizing and specifically adapted for dry to normal skin, it evens out dryness wrinkles and flaky areas, and makes the makeup stick better and stay in place all day. With this primer, it is also easier to apply mineral make-up, as dry on dry otherwise it can be a little harder to get to attach and provide good coverage.

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    It contains vitamin E and macadamia nut oil which increases the skin's elasticity and has nourishing and rejuvenating properties.

    Without this primer, it is a common problem for dry skin that the foundation releases during the day, that irregularities then again and again begin to shine through and at the end of the day it does not feel like you have so much makeup left.


    Illuminating Base:

    Contains small light-reflecting pigments that lighten up irregularities and make the face look more even. At the same time the skin gets a radiant glow! Great even when you are not wearing make-up. 

    Specially developed for dull, tired and dull skin, which is a little extra common now in winter.

    Without this primer, you can often experience that the skin looks flat and dull after foundation, a bit like a mask. But this one comes alive! :)

    I have mixed skin, both oily and dry, which should I choose?

    You can use different primers on different parts of the face, if you e.g. has oily t-zone but very dry cheeks. Then you can put Matte Base in the T-zone and Smoothing in the rest of the face. But for the sake of simplicity, if you do not want two, I recommend Matte Base all over the face, because it is not bad for dry skin but is smoothing and good even in dry areas.

    Can I use the primer on the eyes?

    I usually apply face primer all over the face and also around the eyes and on the eyelids, because you want a perfect base all over the face with an even skin and skin tone, even if you have to apply more make-up later.

    But face primer does not have the same properties as an eyeshadow primer, they are just called primer both because both are a kind of foundation before the makeup you are going to apply later. So face primer is a base before foundation, and eye primer is a base before eye shadow, but the products themselves are completely different.

    You get a more durable result for the eye makeup if you have a face primer, if you compare with having nothing at all, but an eye shadow primer works more like an adhesive for eye shadows and makes the shadows more pigment-rich and much, much more durable.

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    Best-selling face primer!

    How to use face primer?

    1. Clean your face and apply day cream as usual
    Pump out a small click of primer on the finger, on cleaned hands
    3. Massage the primer into the entire face, I recommend doing it with your fingers instead of a makeup brush, because then you can more easily work it into the skin so that it blends in properly and does not just lie as a layer on the surface.
    4. Then you can start putting on make-up as usual!

    Best-selling face primer!

    Summary, which face primer is best for me?

    Choose a primer based on your skin type and desire for results, massage into the face before you start putting on make-up, and you get a more easy-to-work surface and a base make-up that becomes much more durable.

    Paese Makeup Base is available for purchase here!

    Get in touch if you have any questions ♥

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