Shiny skin in the summer? Powder tips!

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    Conversation between me and Miska when he came home from work:
    Miska - Hey! Are you sitting here with a face mask?
    I - No what face mask? (I had a full face glitter makeup)
    Miska - Wow, are you so oily? It looks like you're wearing a face mask!
    I - Yeah sure, I put a face mask ON my makeup it's very reasonable haha.

    I worked from home and therefore had not powdered on the base during the day and this heat wave we have now really starts my sebaceous glands haha!

    People often talk about it being so nice with glow products in the summer and I totally agree! But still, I prefer a lot of matte products now because you naturally become quite shiny in the summer as it is, so many do not feel that you need to add extra.

    Or you "have to" use degrading base make-up for to be able to indulge in that shimmery gold highlighter without looking like a disco ball after a few hours :)

    If you have as oily skin as I have, there is no chance (with the products available on the market today anyway) to keep the skin matte from morning to evening without dulling the skin during the day. Especially not if you are like me in the summer - just want to make a quick and easy base without a whole bunch of products in different layers.

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    Therefore, I now thought to give my best powder tips for the skin to stay matte a little longer in any case!

    What is the fastest and most absorbent product? Powder! It is important to get as much powder in the face as possible without the skin looking powdery and dry.

    The best way to do this is not to use a large fluffy powder brush that sweeps on a thin layer on the surface. Instead, I take a compact brush (I use Nanshy Buffed Base but a compact kabuki brush also works) and dab / buffer a thick layer firmly into the foundation (or whatever you now use underneath) and work the powder into the skin.

    This means that the powder does not lie as a dry layer on the surface = nice result. At the same time as you get a very large amount of powder = the skin stays dull longer.

    Buffer, buffer, buffer! Of course you do not have to powder the whole face first and then start buffering it into the skin (as I did in these pictures) but I photographed it so just so you will understand that a large amount of powder means a Big amount of powder!

    I usually do this step before contouring, blush, eyebrows and such details. You can do this both if you do a full-coverage foundation make-up or if you only have a semi-opaque bb-cream or colored day cream.

    The amount of powder you apply on the face really makes a big difference!

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    I have to finish by hitting an extra blow for the powder Paese Bamboo Silk Powder which I sell in the webshop - mine ran out at home so I had to use loose powder from other brands for a few days and was immediately reminded of the difference between powder and powder.

    Hugs are! :)

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


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