Make-up for beginners (quick and easy)


Here is a make-up for beginners (quick and easy), which is just as nice whether you are a beginner or a professional! As well as for everyday or for finer events. A safe card simply!

One sentence I repeat I do not know how many times to my clients is “makeup must not be so difficult ”. It does not have to look sophisticated, nice and sophisticated are not the same thing and 2. in addition, even a more advanced make-up can be simple if you know how to do it the easiest way.

Exactly the same eye makeup can be very difficult to do, but can also be easy to do.

Common makeup mistakes:

  • You put on make-up in bad light
  • You have brushes that are not adapted to what you are going to do. The most common is to have a too large and fluffy brush, then you have zero precision.
  • You have worn brushes. A worn brush does not absorb properly but pigment and can be difficult to make nice fades because it is e.g. hard and sprawling.
  • You skip eye primer. Many people think this is an unnecessary product, but an eye primer simplifies the entire make-up process enormously!
  • You do not have the knowledge of where to put the eyeshadow, which makes you unsure. The uncertainty itself is difficult because you easily become too careful, do not dare to place the eyeshadow high enough on the globe line e.g.

But how ska what to do then? :) In this post I show step by step a make-up for beginners, make-up tips and which products and tools I have used. Also read the post 8 simple make-up tips for beginners (step by step) to immerse yourself even more!

makeup tips beginner simple quick makeup

Product list base, eyebrows, lips:

All products used are available for purchase in my web shop

Mineral Foundation - glo Skin Beauty Pressed Base Foundation
Rouge - Paese Powder Blush (shade 55)
Fountain pen + bryngel - Pixi Natural Brow Duo (Natural Brown)
Light pencil around the lips - glo Skin beauty Precision Eye Pencil (Peach)
Light shadow under the eyes & on the chin, upper lip & nose - Paese Kashmir Eyeshadow (667)
Colored lip balm - Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm  (Natural Rose)

make-up for beginners step by step

This eye make-up can be done with any color. Both lighter, darker, glittery or colorful. But for a make-up for beginners, I recommend a color that is not too far from your own skin tone, it is easiest to work with when you are above.

make-up for beginners step by step

Product list & step by step, eyes:

All products used are available for purchase in my web shop

  1. Eye primer, Pixi Eye Bright Primer
  2. Dab brown eye shadow on the entire eyelid and up on the crease line crease so that you can see the eye shadow even though you are looking straight ahead, Paese Glam Eyeshadow (shade 205)
    I have applied with the brush Nanshy Tapered Crease Brush which is compact, rounded shape and reasonably small / large.
  3. The same eye shadow under the eye, applied with the smaller one Nanshy Pencil Brush.
  4. Fade with a slightly larger softer brush, Nanshy Eye Crease Brush.
  5. Light eye shadow in the corner of the eye and up a little towards the eyelid, Paese Kashmir Eyeshadow (shade 667)
  6. Light eyeliner along the waterline, glo Skin Beauty Eye Pencil (Peach). My inliner is tattooed light, so the pen does not make much difference to me but I used it just to show this step.
  7. Black eyeliner with an eye shadow instead of liquid, Paese Kashmir Eyeshadow (shade 602)
    Applied with the brush Nanshy Angled Detailer Brush.
  8. Mascara on all lashes, Santhilea Magnetic Lash Mascara.


More pictures of the result of this quick make-up:

simple color on the lips colored lip balm natural lip makeup

The world's best lip product ♥ I'm addicted, in a good way;)

quick and easy make-up for beginners

This is a make-up for beginners because it is made with few basic products and an eye make-up that is quick and easy to do. But surely the end result still does not seem to be at the beginner level?

If you follow make-up tips that simplify, you will be better at putting on make-up yourself without it having to take a long time or requiring a huge investment with something new for the make-up bag.

get better at makeup yourself, makeup course beginners online distance

In my post 8 simple make-up tips for beginners (step by step) I will go through this make-up in even more detail, which is for you who want to deepen even more. Why I chose mineral foundation, how to apply the blush, why this eyebrow pencil is good for beginners, what to think about when applying the primer and more tips for applying eye shadow. And so on. Tips, tips, tips! :)

In addition, I offer makeup courses and consultations online! Enter into Helena Amiley Academy of Makeup to read more.

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Vitamin D - What is it good for & what happens in case of deficiency?


What is Vitamin D good for and how much Vitamin D per day is useful? In this great post, I thought I would go through how to get it, to take supplements, side effects, deficiency, overdose and everything else around this "solvitamin".

Because you know what I am? A real vitamin D nerd! :) However, I have not had to take it as a dietary supplement until now because I usually sunbathe two "periods" per year. First in the summer and then a trip abroad in the autumn / winter.

I think it is a big contributing effect to why I am so prosperous overall (apart from my throat problems). But I feel almost alert, happy and alert!

1.5 years ago I took blood samples from werlabs (as a health check) and then I actually had a higher amount of vitamin D than the reference value. It just came from the sun! Note not bad loud, but a little above normal.

What is Vitamin D good for?

Table of contents: Click on the links below to get to specific parts of the post. :)

  1. What is it good for and why do we need it?
  2. Can it protect against Coronavirus (Covid-19)?
  3. How much per day is recommended?
  4. Overdose symptoms, is it dangerous to take too much?
  5. How do you get it and where is it?
  6. Solar solarium, can you get it in the solarium?
  7. Vitamin D2 or D3, which should I choose?

d vitamin food supplements

I have not eaten meat / poultry at all for several years, but we do eat fish sometimes. Twice a month maybe. It is a good source of vitamin D, more about that later in the post :)

What is Vitamin D good for and why do we need it?

Vitamin D helps regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body. These nutrients are necessary to keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy.

Mild vitamin D deficiency can be difficult to detect, as the symptoms are often diffuse. Early symptoms that are common are fatigue, lack of energy, or feeling generally low.

And no one wants that;)

Lack of vitamin D can lead to bone deformities such as rickets' "English disease" in children, which manifests as a deformed and soft skeleton. Adults instead experience bone pain caused by a condition called osteomalacia.

Can Vitamin D Protect Against Coronavirus (Covid-19)?

Vitamin D has been reported to reduce the risk of Coronavirus (COVID-19). However, there is currently insufficient evidence or studies to take Vitamin D to prevent or treat Coronavirus.

However, research suggests that low levels of the vitamin are likely to increase the risk of becoming infected with Covid-19 and may also lead to a more severe course of the disease with more severe symptoms and complications.

You can read more about nutrition and immune function in relation to Coronavirus (COVID-19) if you want to nerd yourself. Click here to read the full report.

How much Vitamin D per day is recommended?

The daily recommended intake of Vitamin D varies depending on age, skin and how much you spend out in the sun.

The National Food Administration's daily recommendations are as follows:

  • Infants and children under 2 years - 10 micrograms (ug)
  • Children and adults under 75 years of age - 10 micrograms (ug)
  • Adults with little or no sun exposure - 20 micrograms (ug)
  • Adults over 75 years - 20 micrograms (ug)

It is important to think about getting more Vitamin D during the dark winter months as we are less outdoors but also get very little sun. Partly because the sun is not up for as long but also because we wear more clothes.

Things to keep in mind for people with dark skin: Dark skin inhibits the formation of Vitamin D, which makes it extra difficult for people with dark skin to form the vitamin from the sun.

D Vitamin overdose symptoms, is it dangerous to take too much?

The risk of eating too many supplements with vitamin D for a long time can cause too much calcium to build up in the body (hypercalcemia). This can weaken the bones and damage the kidneys and heart. If you choose to take vitamin D, 10 micrograms (ug) a day is enough for most people.

Do not take more than 100 micrograms (4000 IU) of vitamin D a day as it may be harmful. This applies to adults, pregnant and breastfeeding women and children aged 11 to 17 years.

Children aged 1 to 10 years should not take more than 50 micrograms (2000 IU) a day. Infants under 12 months of age should not take more than 25 micrograms (1000 IU) per day.

You can not overdose on vitamin D by exposure to sunlight, but if you have good levels of vitamin D thanks to the sun, you can skip the supplements altogether.

d vitamin sol

Free the nipple! ♥ I always sunbathe topless for a few years back. So nice to avoid sunbathing bikini lines. And so I always have high spf and lubricates the whole body, several times a day. Important, important :)

How do you get Vitamin D and where is it?

The best way to get Vitamin D is from the sun, in supplements and in certain foods.

Spending time outdoors in the sun is the most common way, but important not to overdo it! It is still important to protect your skin with clothing and / or sunscreen to reduce the risk of skin cancer and skin damage. Never burn yourself! I'm not just a vitamin D nerd, I'm a sun protection nerd too.

Just 2 weeks ago I had a client who had surgery to remove a large part of her thigh due to skin cancer and she never gets to sunbathe again. Not even with sunscreen. Be afraid of you ♥

During the summer it is enough to stay out in the sun in e.g. just arms a couple of times a week to meet their needs. Vitamins are also stored in the body, so what is formed in the summer can meet some of your needs during the winter.

However, it is good to replenish extra during the winter and this can be done through supplements or eating more of the food that contains vitamin D.

The dietary supplements that I eat now in the autumn / winter also contain turmeric and ginger, which is good because maybe I will add in a later post so that this does not become too long and scattered.

Ginger is what everyone talks about when it comes to staying healthy, but I hate ginger. Good that it is in the form of supplements instead;)

supplements in winter

Miska is a really good cook! Here is char with a super tasty salad. And then extra vitamin D canned on it;)

Which foods contain Vitamin D?

You can also get Vitamin D through the food you eat. Especially rich in vitamin are oily fish e.g. salmon, char, tuna, mackerel and sardines but it is also found in other foods such as mushrooms, meat and eggs.

Sunbathing solarium, can you get Vitamin D in solarium?

Solar solarium is not a particularly good method. This is because the solarium has a higher proportion of UVA radiation than that from the sun. UVA radiation is a type of UV radiation and it does not contribute to vitamin D production.

The UVB radiation makes you tan, but the UVA radiation is just bad.

I'm generally anti solarium! It goes against all my care-for-the-skin-and-health principles. If you really do not want to be pale in winter, use tan without sun instead, or bronzer! I use bronzer myself :)

Vitamin D2 or D3, which should I choose?

There are different forms of Vitamin D. Vitamin D3 is formed in our own skin when we stay in the sun and is found in fish, meat, eggs and vitamin-enriched foods.
Vitamin D2 is found in, among other things, fungi, certain plants and vitamin-enriched foods. The bioactivity is slightly lower for Vitamin D2 than Vitamin D3, so vitamin D3 is preferable. But if you take vitamins regularly, there is no need to worry.

Hope you liked my post and that you replenish your depots with vitamins this winter! If you have any questions, wishes or input, feel free to leave a comment in the comments field below! :)

Do you usually take any supplements and do you feel any effect? Or do you just eat well healthier to replenish vitamins and minerals? :)

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Split Ender Pro - for worn hair and split ends


Here is a review of Split Ender Pro which is a device for worn hair and split ends. It is so cool!

Sometimes you sit in such a perfect light that you see how many split ends you have. Then I just have to pick up the scissors and then I sit and cut. Very inefficient;)

The problem with worn hair is that it is not only at the bottom that you have worn and split ends. I have lots of straws that are shorter than that and therefore not cut even if I were to cut several centimeters.

Here is the solution! :)

Split Ender Pro - Review

split ends pro review split hairs worn hair

Annika has bought this clever device and I borrowed it from her :)

This includes:

  • Nicely quilted case
  • A wide-toothed comb
  • Adapter
  • 2 clamps
  • 2 different distances, 1/8 ″ and 1/4 ″. With these you can set how long part of the tops are to be cut.

I have used the distance 1/4

How can you just cut the ends of your hair all over your hair?

just cut the ends of the hair throughout the hair

I took this picture to demonstrate what is happening inside the electric scissors. Because it was not so easy to take pictures inside the device.

The machine is like a pair of pliers, when the loop slides on top of the scales (as on my middle finger in this picture) the small hair ends protrude. This allows the machine to cut only the hair ends.

This way you can top your hair without cutting a long piece! It results in a hair that is as long as before but all split ends are gone :)

How to use Split Ender Pro?

scissors that cut the hair ends machine

1. Wash your hair

2. Dry your hair or wait until it is completely dry. It should not be damp at all.

3. Brush your hair properly.

4. Divide the hair. I put a soft tassel on my head and started with the under hair.

set the direction of split ender pro

5. Click on one of the arrows to select the direction. It's a matter of taste how you want to keep it, so you can choose :)

how to use split ender pro, review

6. Take a thin loop, squeeze and pull the machine down rather slowly. When you press, the machine automatically starts cutting. You notice it because it hums quite loud :)

7. You should do three pulls per loop, if you have very worn hair, you can pull 4-5 times per loop.

I myself divided the hair into very thin sections and pulled only 2 times, because I felt that it was enough for my hair. You should not work unnecessarily :)

Does Split Ender Pro work?

split ends and worn hair, worn lengths

If it does! Split Ender Pro works SO well! Check all the tops that are stuck inside the container.

split ends in a pile


It is best to empty the container after each use, mainly because it can leak hair. I had no problem with it when I cut myself, then I put it in my lap when I took out a new hair loop.

But when I cut Miska's hair with this, I put the machine on the table next to it and then it leaked quite a lot.

empty split ender pro

It comes with a small brush so you can brush it clean on the inside :) You have to be a little careful and beware of the knives in there only.


I checked my hair carefully afterwards and found no split ends at all! My review can really be abbreviated to "I love it!" Lol.

You both saw and felt the difference in the hair as well. Miska sa ”did you get a haircut?"Although it was not shorter at all. I prayed ”how did you know?" Lol. It simply looked very tidy :)

I have partly started to have a sloppy knot almost every day and (sort of) stopped using Hårologi's products, therefore my hair was unusually worn now. Otherwise I usually have good quality. Must buy new from Hårologi!

Book Split Ender Pro at the salon

Some hairdressers and salons have this machine and offer it as a treatment, which is great if you want to do this as a one-time thing!

But if you do it regularly, I recommend buying the machine yourself. It is quite expensive (3699: - at the time of writing) but in the long run it is worth it. Even though it takes some use before it is nice "ppa / price per use" as the stylist Tove Castor would have said :)

Because it takes some time to go through the whole hair, so if the hairdresser has a decent hourly wage (aka high hourly rate) it will cost a penny at a time. Of course, depending on how thick and long your hair is.

get more well-groomed hair, get rid of worn hair, split ends

In total: It takes some time to go through the whole hair properly and it costs a penny. But if you have worn hair and problems with split ends, it is definitely worth its weight in gold !!

Highly recommend! :)

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Dip-in nail polish remover in a jar (review)


I love dip-in nail polish removal, it's so heavenly smooth!

Several brands have "dip-in nail polish remover" and I have tested a little different, but just today comes a review specifically on Maybelline Express Remover.

dip-in nail polish remover nail polish remover

What is dip-in nail polish removal?

A dip-in nail polish remover is a nail polish remover in a jar format where you dip your finger. Inside the jar is a liquid remover and a sponge with holes in it.

It is convenient because:

  1. It removes nail polish quickly
  2. You do not need cotton
  3. Long enough because the contents are not poured out. You buy a new one when it becomes too discolored, which is a lot of uses!
  4. You avoid an acetone-smelling garbage bag

I (and my boyfriend) hate the smell of nail polish removal that spreads in the kitchen when you throw the cotton pads in the trash. Then you have to go out with the garbage bag immediately, which is unnecessary if it is not full.

In recent years, I have used dip-in nail polish remover (various brands) and do not want to use regular remover again. This is too smooth! :)

best nail polish remover jar acetone free

Review: Maybelline Express Remover dip-in nail polish remover

Maybelline Express Remover is an acetone-free nail polish remover that contains 75ml.

However, the amount of content is not so essential, as long as the product works well. It almost never ends because you do not pour anything out, but dip your finger straight in.

Maybelline Express Remover is as effective as any other I have tested! It goes very fast and it stays fresh for a long time! I have now had it for quite exactly one year and it is only now that it is starting to get a little discolored. It still works just as well, but you can see that it is in the last chorus :)

The only thing that is a little annoying is the strong smell, partly alcohol-strong but also perfume. But that is almost always the case with removers, I think, and because the process is so fast, it is not a major problem.

How to use a dip-in nail polish remover?

You dip your finger in the jar, rub a little quickly against the fungus and then the nail polish is gone!

Glitter nail polish does not come off as easily though. It is difficult with all types of removers, but a dip-in nail polish remover is extra complicated because the glitter grains "hook on" to the structure of the sponge when you rub. I usually remove most of it, then I gently file away the rest with a mild nail file.

nail polish remover in a jar

Maybelline Express Remover is available for purchase at e.g. (adlink) which also has other fun brands, make-up mirrors and gadgets :)

IsaDora also has a dip-in nail polish remover with the same principle that I read good reviews about. It's on (adlink) and is a little cheaper than this one from Maybelline. I have not tested it myself though but it is said to be good!

Hugs are! ♥

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Probiotics, Prebiotics & Lactic Acid Bacteria


Today I thought I would hear and be amazed to go through Probiotics, Prebiotics & Lactic Acid Bacteria and what they are good for! Because of all my sore throats, I have done a lot of research on health, diet, vitamins, etc. and when I talk to customers and acquaintances about this, I notice that many are interested.

That's why I thought, why not blog about it! :)

Those of you who have followed me for a long time know that I have problems with sore throats, or whatever it is, it has shown streptococci only once (of many tests). I get a high fever (39.4 is my usual) type 10-11 times a year. Swollen tonsils and lymph nodes. I have had the problems for 2.5 years now!

Now the post is not mainly about the immune system and throat problems, but the body is a system that is connected. You need balance. Not least in the stomach !!

I have thought that I will make a few more posts about diet and health, so I hope you will appreciate these :)

recurrent sore throat fever immune system

A feverish little Helena here who tries to keep the joy of life up :) Haha this was not really meant for the public but I offer it!

Probiotics, Prebiotics & Lactic Acid Bacteria

Click on the links in the table of contents below to jump to the desired part of the post:

  1. What are the differences between Probiotics and Prebiotics?
  2. What is Probiotics?
  3. Can you take Antibiotics and Probiotics at the same time?
  4. Are there any risks or side effects with Probiotics?
  5. Where can I buy Probiotics?
  6. How do I take Probiotics?
  7. What are Prebiotics?
  8. How do I take Prebiotics?
  9. What are Lactic Acid Bacteria?
  10. What is the difference between Probiotics and Lactic Acid Bacteria?

Smart huh? :)

What are the differences between Probiotics and Prebiotics?

Probiotics are good bacteria for the stomach and intestines that help you have a healthy digestive system. Prebiotics is plant fiber that acts as food for the good bacteria. So, simply put, probiotics are the bacterium itself and prebiotics are the food that the bacterium eats. Prebiotics thus stimulate the growth of the already existing good bacteria.

So, if you eat prebiotics, you feed the probiotic bacteria and they will be very happy and multiply :)

What is Probiotics?

Probiotics are live bacteria and yeast that are good for the stomach, intestines and body, especially for your digestive system. Bacteria are commonly thought to cause disease. But your body is full of bacteria, both good and bad. Probiotics are often called "good", "good" or "helpful" bacteria because they help keep the stomach and intestines healthy.

Probiotics have been shown to be effective in the prevention and treatment of disorders involving the gastrointestinal tract.

Can you take Antibiotics and Probiotics at the same time?

I have taken two courses of antibiotics for sore throats but it does not help. However, antibiotics are very bad for the intestinal bacteria.

It is therefore extra important to top up with Probiotics when taking antibiotics, as antibiotics not only attack the bad bacteria but also the beneficial and helpful bacteria. However, you should wait to replenish with good bacteria until after an Antibiotic treatment. Otherwise, you only risk killing the bacteria you fill up with, a bit like throwing money in the lake.

If you take Probiotics as a dietary supplement, remember to choose one with several different types of bacterial species to get a great variety. An excess of a bacterial species creates an imbalance in the bacterial flora and can cause problems for the stomach and intestines.

Should you take probiotics with a meal?

Yes! And I'm very happy about that because I never remember tablets if you have to eat them between meals. Like for example. that stupid antibiotic, I had to sound the alarm three times a day!

Why? If you take Probiotics as a dietary supplement and eat it with a meal, the bacteria have a better chance of surviving the way down to the intestines :)

probiotics, prebiotics, lactic acid bacteria, food

I also drink an effervescent tablet with vitamin C and Zinc, which is also for the immune system. And it has such a nice color too, I was completely unreasonably happy about it haha!

You may think I chose a fine glass for the picture but I always drink from it. These are real crystal glasses that my parents received as a wedding gift. But I use them as my regular water glasses every day. Things should not be in the cupboard, they should be used! :)

Are there any risks or side effects with Probiotics?

I myself have never experienced any problems at all, either from supplements or when I have eaten foods that contain more of the good bacteria. However, you may initially experience stomach upset, gas, diarrhea or bloating, these symptoms usually disappear after the body gets used to the new bacterium. If you have serious health conditions, you may have a greater risk of problems. But a tip if you are not used to eating something to test yourself. Hurry slowly! :)

Where can I buy Probiotics?

To buy Probiotics that are found in foods, regular grocery stores such as e.g. Ica or Coop. If you want to buy supplements of Probiotics or Lactic Acid Bacteria, you can usually find these in Life & Dietary Supplements stores, and they are available both online and as physical stores. Probiotics are certainly available at the pharmacy too! :)

How do I take Probiotics?

The best way to get Probiotics is from supplements and foods, Greek yogurt is an easy way to get very good bacteria. Below you have a list of some common foods that contain good bacteria.

6 Foods Containing Probiotics:
  • Some cheeses, e.g. cheddar, cottage cheese & mozzarella
  • Miso soup
  • Oliver
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Fermented food
  • Yogurt & fil

Not completely crazy stuff even for me as a picky soul. Dark chocolate and mozzarella I can live with absolutely;) Oliver is my worst, uuuh * shudders *.

What are Prebiotics?

Prebiotics are complex carbohydrates (fiber and starch) that the body cannot digest. They act as food for bacteria and other beneficial organisms in the gut.

Prebiotics help you get a healthy gut, which provides better digestive health, fewer antibiotic-related health problems and acts as food for the Probiotic bacteria.

How do I take Prebiotics?

The best way to get Prebiotics is from supplements and foods, below you have a list of some common foods that contain Prebiotics.

6 Foods Containing Prebiotics:
  • Walnuts
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Onion
  • Artichoke
  • Asparagus
  • Broccoli

Here's just good stuff! A little picky about artichokes, it depends a bit on how I eat it.

But still good I think! I like fruit and vegetables, but when people talk about the "healthiest", there are always things I do not like. Ginger, honey, figs and stuff.

What are Lactic Acid Bacteria?

Lactic acid bacteria is a collective name for all microorganisms that form lactic acid when they break down sugar in our food. Lactic acid bacteria have been used to preserve food such as sauerkraut and herring and in dairy products to make yoghurt and filet.

When I was little, my grandmother made a new pile of old files. You were never allowed to eat the last one because it would kind of multiply. It is the lactic acid bacteria that do it! :)

They also occur naturally in all our bodies. Lactic acid bacteria help keep our stomachs in balance and protect us from unwanted bacteria, and are part of our normal intestinal flora. Since the food we eat today does not contain as much lactic acid bacteria anymore, we should think extra about getting in us things that contain lactic acid bacteria.

What is the difference between Probiotics and Lactic Acid Bacteria?

There are several different lactic acid bacteria such as Lactobacillus reuteri, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Bifidobacterium animalis and Streptococcus thermophilus. However, not all are classified as Probiotics. Lactic acid bacteria are divided into species, strains, genera and families. Different strains of a bacterium may have different properties and that is why they must be distinguished.

While Probiotics is a collective name for all good bacteria that have shown positive health effects in clinical studies. Most probiotic varieties are lactic acid bacteria, but not all.

If you are going to simplify it for us beginners, then you can say that probiotics and lactic acid bacteria are kind of the same thing. But not really.

probiotics immune system

The probiotics I eat also contain folic acid, vitamin D and vitamin b12 to boost the immune system. Not so very high percentage though.

I focus partly on the balance in the body but also a lot for the immune system, to help the lymphatic system. It's a little too early to say if it works or not. I have had two throat episodes after I started with all these things and they did not break out properly but stopped at "feelings" and then it disappeared. But I do not know what it would have been like without the supplements, it may have been a coincidence too :)

But I can keep you updated!


To increase the number of good bacteria in the stomach and intestines, remember to eat more of the good! Fruits & vegetables, root vegetables, nuts and berries, natural yogurt or filet. Variety is the best! Do not forget dark chocolate;) It is so good and one small box per day is enough to give more health benefits, the darker the better!

Food Pharmacy have written a lot about, among other things, anti-inflammatory diet and good food for the stomach, gastrointestinal bacteria, etc., they also have a lot of recipes for healthy food! Check out their page or read the book if you want to delve deeper into the subject! Can highly recommend them and their recipes! :)

This post is of course quite comprehensive on the subject and there is a lot more to write about, but the post would be far too long and boring then. If you have your own experiences and tips to share, you are very welcome to do so, I'm just happy!

Hugs are ♥

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