Blonde hair at home gently (3 steps + products)

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    Many people wonder how I succeed in getting such good results with bleaching / bleaching my hair at home. So I have made a post with everything you should think about.

    I want to start by saying that all hair is different, and just because this has worked for me, it is not certain that it works on everyone. While there are certainly many that work even better. And my result would most likely have been even better if I had been able to afford to go to the hairdresser.

    Dyeing your hair from brown to blonde is a process that take time if it is not going to tear a lot of hair. I lightened my hair for about a year, and then it was still not as cold and light blonde as I am now. Many would probably manage it in a shorter time as well, but you should not be in a hurry because that is when it will be wrong!

    This was my method for bleaching / bleaching my hair at home:

    1. I started by letting my hair down solblekas during the summer.
    2. When it was autumn, I started dye your hair blondare, With products from schwarzkopf (link). NOT WITH BLEACHING, without dyeing. The difference is that bleaching brightens the hair a maximum of 7 shades, while a color cream only brightens 2-4. Bleaching is thus much, much stronger and that is what wears so much on the hair. You also have to be patient with the coloring. I dyed again when my growth grew a few cm long - about every 3 months.
    3. When you only use coloring, the hair easily gets a yellowish tone when it starts to get light. Then it is silver shampoo which concerns! And since I think my hair gets so dry from silver shampoo, I also use one silver packaging afterwards. My hair is very easy to turn yellow, so sometimes it took several days before I got a good shade on my hair.

    Before I became blonde, I had a rather dull color on my hair, like light brown in a dull and dull shade. But you have to put up with it for a while if you are not going to bleach your hair, it must be allowed to rest!

    Here are some old pictures (note do not look at my horrible and uneven eyebrows) where I show how I dyed my hair at home:

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    blonde hair at home

    Things to consider when bleaching / bleaching your hair at home:

    • If your hair turns yellow, do not panic !!! Many people think "oh no my hair is yellow, it's ruined, what should I do!?! ” and desperately dye their hair brown even though they did not really want it from the beginning. Which often results in them wanting to get blonde again quickly - and once again begin the tedious bleaching process.
    • If you do not usually dye your hair at home and know how your hair reacts, then dye one day when you have nothing specially planned for the day / days afterwards. So that you have time to correct the error if it goes wrong.
    • Be prepared with silver shampoo at home, it does the trick!
    • There are no guarantees when bleaching your hair at home. It can go wrong, and you have to be brave to test. Go to a hairdresser if you can afford it and do not be stingy.
    When I had been doing this and dyeing at home for more than a year, I finally got several different shades on my hair, so to get rid of them I went to a hairdresser who had to curl my hair.
    Today I go to the hairdresser twice a year only (Monica Werner on Color and The Shape in Uppsala) who do balayage instead of completely bleaching. So nice to avoid a sharp outgrowth.

    My conclusion from bleaching / blonde hair at home:

    I do not regret that I started bleaching / bleaching my hair at home, it did not get particularly worn because I took it easy (however, I had already worn hair before) and I have saved a lot of money on it. But as I said, in the end there were just as different shades on the hair so the result was not tip top even though it went well, so I'm glad that after high school I could afford to go to the hairdresser!

    Silver shampoo / silver products for the hair:

    I just have to tell you about a MAGICAL product! Milk_Shake Direct Color (adlink) in the shade Powder. It is actually a home toning but I mix it with conditioner and have as leave in cream in the hair after about every other wash.

    This is how big a difference it will be:

    It is also available in the shade Beige Blond which is a little more pink, but I prefer the shade Powder. Powder also has purple-pink in it, which is good, because if it gets too blue on yellow, it gets an ugly green tone.

    Ugh how awful my hair color was here by the way! It was an intermediate period when I went from red to blonde and had not used silver products for a long time because I had still just set up constantly.

    And Milk_Shake Whipped Cream Silver Shine (adlink) which is a silver mousse that you can either mix their Direct color with, or use as a leave in after the shower. It makes the hair very smooth too!

    The silver shampoos I use the most are Löwengrip Silver Shampoo (adlink) and Hårologi Silver Shampoo, but Hårologi is probably not available to buy online, only at Hårologi hairdressers.

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    In the post Blond balayage (naturlig blond hårfärg) har jag använt djuprengörande schampo samt en mildare färgad inpackning för att få fort den gröngula tonen i håret (inte lika illa som bilderna ovan). Klicka in i det inlägget för produkttipsen! :)

    In today's situation, I enjoy being as blonde as I am, but I want to save the length and do not like this medium length I have on my hair now. Not short, not far. I enjoyed my short one I had before, but that hairstyle required that you cut yourself quite often and it became too expensive, so I prioritize coloring the growth regularly instead.

    I often get comments that I fit so well in brown when I post old pictures, and sometimes Miska hints that I should be brunette again hehe. But I thrive in this fake blonde shade, as long as I avoid the growth as when you completely bleach, and you should always have what you feel best in! :)

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