Blue circles under the eyes?

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    If you have blue under the eyes or have red areas on the face that are difficult to cover with a regular concealer / foundation, then you can use color theory and the color circle!

    Namely, there are colors that neutralize each other. And it's all based on the rule "you mix the colors RED, blue and yellow so it always will be brown - neutral. "


    So, if you want to neutralize a red tone - add blue and yellow.
    Blue+ Yellow = Green.

    But in other words, you neutralize red areas and pimples with a green concealer!

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    The same goes with the other colors, if you have a blue tone under your eyes, add red and yellow.
    RED + Yellow = Orange.

    In other words, you cover yours blue circles under the eyes with a orange concealer!



    You can simply say that if you add the complementary colors (colors opposite each other in the color circle) on each other, then they are neutralized!

    Complementary colors on each other - Neutralized.
    Complementary colors beside each other - Reinforced.


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