Bridal make-up

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    Here is a picture of the bridal make-up I did yesterday!

    Very natural shading with shimmer and earthy colors, framed eyes that emphasize the look, and long full-bodied false eyelashes!

    Surely she became fine? :)


    Can only imagine how nice she became in the wedding dress then, I did not stay that long because they would have lunch before. But the wedding dress was probably the nicest I have seen !!

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    I think this make-up job was so fun, because there is such a big difference in the view of make-up in different cultures! Judgment pratar  much like I in Sweden am used to before a wedding "I want very natural, not much at all!" said everyone but then when they choose details and colors it will not be like I see a natural make-up anymore, haha. The bride was the only one who got a natural make-up even in my eyes.

    An example was the bride's mother who did not even want to be made up first "I am so beautiful naturally" she said, super cute! But the bride persuaded her and once she sat down in the chair she wanted green eye shadow and red lips! I put pretty weak of everything, but then she came again and wanted both more green and more eyeliner :)

    The bridesmaids got intense dark brown soot with a wide smoky eyeliner, and when they walked around and showed, they got the reactions "how beautiful, so natural !!" and I have many friends who would feel overwhelmed in it even for a party :)

    But they all turned out really nice and if you have to pay to put on make-up, you can just as well do it properly :)

    As a makeup artist, I get the urge to move to Asia, or change my view of makeup here in Sweden too! I honestly got a comment a while ago where one wrote "no, not blue eyes and red lips, big no no!" how narrow-minded?

    It can be my mission in life! Make Sweden go crazy with makeup! :)

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
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