Light red nails

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    I got home a red nail polish from Yves Rocher several months ago, but then I had black nails (made at the salon) so it was almost impossible to paint over with red on the dark base - it just turned brown. But I painted on my toenails and fell in love with the color!

    The next time I did the nails, we put on lots of rhinestones, and then I could not have the red nail polish over either because it is not nice to try to paint around all the rhinestones.

    But now I realized that I have white nails without a lot of bling bling now! So I can finally test this nail polish on my fingers! :)

    "Red nail polish, what's so special about it, it's very common?"  you might be thinking now. But this nail polish has such a clear red hue that it almost looks brilliant! So nice and yet classic.

    Screenshots of rubis

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    Yves Rocher Luminous nail polish in the shade Rubis is what I'm talking about, and it costs SEK 75 on!

    In any case, I'm pretty sure it's that shade. Mine is called 101 Rouge, but that shade does not exist but there is one called Rubis that has exactly the same product image so it should be the same shade but a different name. I had saved a picture of 101 Rouge, and can therefore see that it is exactly the same picture :)

    bright red nails

    Nice huh? :)

    I have had some nail growth as well as you may see. It is not possible to paint away completely, but oh how long my nails feel now just because I have a larger part that is colored! I get more careful with them, as if they were very long, although they are exactly the same length as this morning;)

    And for those of you who missed it, my nails (besides the red color then) are made by awesome Christina on Nails Uppsala, and my readers have a 15% discount there if you enter my blog when you book an appointment!

    Have a nice Friday night, nice of you! :)

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