Broad Eyeliner Tutorial

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    I received many compliments for the make-up I published yesterday, great fun! There was someone who asked if I could fix a tutorial on how to get an eyeliner that is a little extra wide like I had yesterday, so now I thought I would show it :)

    It became a "classic" look with eyeliner wing and red lips, super nice!


    Face primer - Paese Makeup Base (Matte)
    Foundation - Pixi H2O Skintint (Cream)
    Powder that neutralizes red - gloMinerals Redness Relief Powder
    Contouring - Pixi Book Of Beauty Contour Creator
    Rouge - gloMinerals Powder blush (Papaya)
    Dehydrating powders - Paese Bamboo Silk Powder
    Fixing Mist - Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist

    Lips - gloMinerals Suede Matte Crayon (Bombshell)

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    tutorialsju_1112The eyeliner I have used is Paese Penliner.

    1. Paint a line along the entire lash line.
    2. Make a line from the outer corner of the eye and outwards at approximately the same angle
      - when I make such a wide eyeliner, I usually paint this line further down the eye than if I make a small eyeliner wing, then I paint this line a little closer to the French edge.
    3. Draw a line from the tip of the wing and tie together with the eyeliner on the lash line so that there is a smooth transition between the eyeliner and the wing.
    4. Fill in the entire eyeliner.
    5. Brighten up with white shimmery shadow in the corner of the eye and on the inside of the eyelid, Yag minerals eyeshadow (star white)
      And a white matte shadow a little on the top of the eyeliner, Paese cashmere (601)
    6. Finish with mascara, Magnetic Lash Mascara



    The trick is to make a wide eyeliner that still looks good even when you look straight ahead, and that's why I paint the wing a little further down / out of the eye when I make it so wide.

    Because if yes had painted the lower edge of the eyeliner wing (step 2 in my tutorial) further up, the upper edge of the wing would have ended up at the crease line fold, which would not have been so nice because then the eyeliner "breaks" depending on how you look. Alternatively, you could have made the wing narrower, but then there will be no wide eyeliner;)

    IMG_5060_111 IMG_5054_1112

    Hope this post was helpful!

    Hug you and have a really wonderful Friday ♥

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