Wedding special! Make your own bridal makeup

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    Here is a BIG post with all my tips and tricks for you who are going to do your own bridal makeup! Everything from preparations to base make-up, lips and eyes.

    Here you go! :)

    do your own bridal makeup step by step

    This post is written based on my experience of what most customers want when they book bridal makeup at the salon. A make-up that is:

    2. An opaque but natural base
    3. Earthy eye makeup that is marked and "more than everyday" but still invigorating and suitable for both day and evening. And that you still look like yourself.

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    Then there are lots of details that I as a makeup artist should also think about before a bridal makeup, but more about that further down in the post!

    Preparations for her bridal makeup

    3 important things to keep in mind with skin care:

    The skin care routine is different from person to person, but there are some points that I recommend to everyone:

    1. Do not make a big change just before the wedding. It is easy to indulge in new, fine skin care and plan a fun night a few days before, but regardless of products and quality, so can the skin traces out a bit of just the change. If you are going to do this, start with the products a month before.

    2. Deep cleanses the skin before your bridal makeup - I usually steam my face over a saucepan of boiling water and then apply a clay face mask that pulls out impurities. Moisturize the skin thoroughly afterwards. A cleansed skin without impurities or small dry areas has more radiance and the make-up looks better and fits much better. I had done the deep cleansing the night before and then just washed with my usual cleansing in the morning before starting to put on make-up.

    Skip sunscreen (if you can avoid the sun so that you do not burn yourself) so if you have a day cream with spf, choose another one this day. Sun protection means that the light is reflected differently, so when people take pictures with flash, you can look a little greyish.

    prepare the skin for bridal makeup

    Bass makeup for bridal makeup

    Exact application can differ greatly depending on which products you use, what you want for results and what type of skin you have and any problem areas.

    My guide is suitable for all skin types and is adapted to products that are available for purchase in our store / web shop.

    Here are my top tips step by step!

    Face primer

    When we talk about durability, face primer is worth its weight in gold! It is partly about creating a smoother work surface to apply the makeup on later, such as sanding before painting. In addition, you choose a primer that is adapted to your particular skin type, so if you are dry, your skin is kept moisturized and radiant longer and if you are oily, your skin is kept matte and smooth longer.

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    Work the primer firmly into the skin so that it enters all irregularities, it should not just lie as a layer on the surface.

    wash the skin

    The most common is Pixi Flawless & Poreless Primer because it smoothes out pores and dulls the skin - but you do not have to have an oily skin to use it as it also does not emphasize dryness or make the skin drier. So if you want a smoother complexion and less shine (eg if you get sweaty) it is also great!

    You will find all our face primers at Creative Makeup here.

    Water resistant foundation

    The most common wedding foundation at the salon is Pixi H2O Skintint Because it is gel-based and therefore sinks nicely into the skin and becomes very natural, the skin still looks like skin as well.

    In addition, it is oil-free and moisturizing so it suits all skin types and it is water resistant!

    A perfect foundation for a bridal makeup!

    bass makeup bridal makeup

    It can be applied with the fingers, it does not need to be worked in but sinks in by itself. I prefer the brush Conceal Perfector (synthetic hair) from Nanshy because it works on the whole face and has precision around the eyes and such small areas. I have the shade 02. Nude in this post.

    Tip! Feel free to apply down to the neck as well, the neck is almost always lighter than the face and décolleté.

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    You do not need to panic if you have any stress pimples (or as I always have acne and bumps) because if you have a good concealer, it is not a great art to conjure away.

    Pixi Pat Away Concealing Base is super opaque, becomes smooth on the skin, incredibly durable and fits both pimples and under the eyes! Because it is so opaque, you need very little product to get good coverage = more natural results, easier application and also more durable because thick layers of makeup do not sit as well as thin.

    cover dark rings bridal makeup

    I have the shade 1. Cream in this post, so it is a little lighter than the foundation because I think it is nice with an enlightening effect too!


    I who have oily skin have Paese Bamboo Silk Powder both before facial primer (different I know? but think it gets better!) and after the opaque makeup. But for the sake of durability, I recommend everyone to use powder after foundation and concealer when getting married, even if you do not have oily skin - but very thin layer then.

    However, what I have to strike an extra big blow for is glo Skin Beauty Redness Relief Powder for all of us who easily turn red. I'm pretty red around the nose and such naturally but add nervous, embarrassed, hot, and some glass of bubble on it. We are talking redness that shines through concrete haha.

    Red is such an intense color, so if you want a natural make-up, it is not possible to remove it through opaque products, it shines through! Redness Relief Powder neutralizes the red so incredibly effectively that it is almost magic. You will need it!

    powder brushes

    I apply with a separate brush. The powder packaging was changed a while ago and now has an included brush, but I do not use it. It is best to pour the powder into an old powder jar if you have it. I have bothered them to take back the old honest jar packaging :) But the powder is so good that it is worth it! Can't stop selling this!

    Shape, color & luster
    When you have removed all the bumps and powdered on, you can look a little flat. Then it's time for contouring, blush and luster! :)

    Contouring - The light and the dark shadow that shapes the face both come from the flexible palette Contouring Palette  shade no. 2. There is also a guide on how to apply this.

    Rouge - Are you going to take black and white photos? In such cases, do not put the blush too high on the cheekbones! Color becomes a gray shadow in a picture, and you do not want cheeks pressed in. In this post I have the blush glo Skin Beauty Blush in the shade Papaya which suits both warm, cold, light and medium dark skin tones.

    Glow - You almost want to bathe in a luminous highlighter at a wedding! How nice! Pixi Glow-Y-Powder are magical! Swipe on in the high parts of the face, or just on the cheekbones. Great on the tip of the nose, forehead, chin, collarbone, décolleté and shoulders too!

    glow in the face bridal makeup

    After this I finish with the spray Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist which causes all products to fuse together and becomes a protective layer for external stresses (rain, sweat, tears) and significantly prolongs durability!


    Not everyone fills in their eyebrows but I really recommend it for a bridal makeup, book a brow pick in advance if you need help with the shape. Shaped eyebrows are the cheapest facelift! Even if you have a nice shape naturally, there will be a big difference in the pictures if you emphasize the brows a little extra.

    Fill with a durable eyebrow product so that the eyebrows are just as nice from morning to evening. I use glo Skin Beauty Micro Brow Liner (in this post I have the shade Light brown) but it's a bit of a matter of taste what you prefer to use, you will find all our brow products here.

    eyebrow bridal makeup

    Well-shaped eyebrows do not have to mean dark eyebrows, there are many light colors to choose from!

    Lips on a bridal makeup

    Choose a shade that is not very different from your own lip color. Because even if it is durable, it will disappear a little when you eat and drink and it can be nice not to get "should improve your lipstick look" while eating. But a similar color disappears in a more discreet way and you do not have to improve all the time.

    Light pencil in the contours
    For those of you who have a light skin tone, I can really recommend the pen glo Skin Beauty Precision Eye Pencil in the light shade Peach and paint it around the lip contour and fade out in the skin tone. The lip contour is highlighted very nicely!

    lips bridal makeup


    Keep in mind that you will probably kiss a lot! This is another reason to choose a more discreet lip color, but I usually also think about this when I decide on the choice of formula. A thick layer of lip gloss may not be so fun to kiss with.

    A common lipstick on our bridal makeup is glo Skin Beaut Lipstick which is creamy in a soft and "firm" way, so it is not dull but also not so creamy or glossy that it slides around on the lips. Super good really !!

    I have the shade Bella in the pictures here and it feels very nice in many, it is soft pink without being too bright, too light or too dark.

    lipstick at wedding

    Lip pencil

    In this post I put the lip pencil after the lipstick but just to show you what the Bella lipstick looks like alone before the lip pencil, otherwise I always put the lip pencil first.

    Lip pencil is a great complement to your lipstick! I like to choose a slightly darker color than the lipstick and tint them softly in each other (no sharp edges). The lip pencil holds up so well that when you improve on the lipstick, you do not need a mirror because you do not need to improve the sole at the edges.

    For the Bella shade, I use the organic lip pencil Benecos Natural Lipliner in the shade Brown. The shade is called Brown but it is not brown but more rust brown, like my lips but better.

    lip pencil or lipstick bridal makeup

    And then the whole base was ready! Brilliant!

    Eye makeup for bridal makeup

    There is no definite eye makeup that is a bridal makeup, you can of course use less makeup, colorful eye shadows or make a glittery smokey eye. There are no rules! :)

    This make-up is soft but also has quite a big contrast between the light and the dark, which opens up the gaze and becomes very nice in the picture, even black and white pictures!

    Always prime with eye primer before you start! I use Pixi Eye Bright Primer. It will be much easier to apply the shadows because they adhere better to the eyelid and also it is very important that your eye makeup lasts from morning to evening now.

    1. Dab dark brown eye shadow at the end of the eyelid and up into the crease line. I made a v-shape (not rounded at the edge but a little more elongated cat eye) which lifts the gaze a little extra.

    Are you unsure how high up you should put the shadow? Read my guide about it in this post.

    The shade is one of three colors from the trio palette Paese Matte Trio Eyeshadow shade 101.

    2. Fade the edges

    In the same trio palette there is a light eye shadow, dab it in the corner of the eye, on the inside of the eyelid and under the eyebrow.

    4. In the same trio palette there is also a light brown color that I dabble in the middle of the eyelid.

    5. Place the dark brown eye shadow under the eye as well. Wider at the outer edge (tie together with the shadow on the eyelid in the outer corner of the eye) and narrower inwards.

    6. Black eyeliner with wing, Kryolan HD Cream Liner (Ebony) a waterproof eyeliner that is easy to work with because you use a separate brush. Many people find it harder with a liquid eyeliner but this is a cream!

    You do not have to wear eyeliner with a wing if you do not want to or if you think it is too difficult. But some kind of eyeliner (maybe just a lashliner that I show in this guide) is recommended to highlight your eyes in all the pictures.

    7. Light eyeliner along the waterline, brightens the gaze and above all it reduces redness in the eyes if you are touched! This is the same pencil I have around the lip contour,  glo Skin Beauty Precision Eye Pencil (Peach).

    eye makeup step by step before wedding

    8. I dabbled in some bright glitter on the inside of the eyelids as well, SO nice! Hard to get the bling in the picture only. This is Pixi Liquid Fairy Lights in the shade Crystalline.

    Finish with waterproof mascara, Magnetic lash mascara. Before that, I bent up the lashes with pliers, then I do not need false eyelashes, I think my own are enough.

    Klaaaart! :)

    wedding makeup step by step

    bridal makeup tips

    get married makeup tips

    Bring it in the make-up bag

    • Redness relief powder (if you have not applied enough, if you are not red when you put on make-up, it is difficult to know how much you need)
    • The lipstick
    • Light eyeliner in case you need to improve your eyes after a crying party. The eyeliner and mascara are still there, but the red eyes may need a touch up.

    I don't think more is needed than that! :)

    If you have oily skin and need to matte down, you can bring the usual powder as well.

    makeup tips for weddings

    Ready to get married! ♥

    I have never married and have no such thing at home, but of course I got the wedding feeling quite good anyway? :) My "bridal veil" is a cut-out curtain that I use to dress ventilation openings at home so that spiders do not crawl in there haha. And my "wedding dress" is a regular sweater with a lace in the back that I turned back and forth. It works well!

    Really hope you liked the post about bridal makeup / bridal makeup and that the tips were helpful! ♥

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