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    Sofie sa…
    "I have a question that I just have to get an answer to and I think there are many who wonder this, or I'm just after haha ..

    I would be overjoyed if you taught me this so here we gooo:

    What is the difference between a bronzer and a shading / contour powder type? Asså difficult to explain but what is the big difference lixom? What is the difference between how to apply it and what effect should they have?

    The only thing I know is that when I shade I do it under the cheekbone to push it in and get a clearer cheekbone but then I also have a lot of bronzers at home but do not really know when and how to use them?

    Would be so HEAVENLY happy if you could show in a video, it does not have to be long! Hugs :) ”

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    It's not as hard as you make it sound, but I remember thinking the same as you before so it's absolutely no stupid question :)

    Shading powder is for shaping the face, and it should simply be a powder that is a ton darker than your own skin tone. Preferably a little gray-brown to make it look like a real shadow.

    It is very easy to use a bronzer as shading as well, I usually do, as long as it is a fairly natural shade with not too much shimmer or gold tone.

    Here is an old video where I show shading, highlighter and blush:

    Bronzer can also be used to get a sun-kissed look. If you are pale, this can be a little crazy, but if you have a darker complexion or are tanned, it is great with a shimmery bronzer to emphasize the skin tone.

    Many people say that you should apply bronzer where the sun hits first, which is in the middle of the nose, cheeks, chin and forehead. Admittedly, there is something in it, but I do not usually do it because it makes the face look a little flatter - it is quite the opposite of how to shape the face with shading and highlighter.

    I therefore usually apply bronzer in about the same places as shading - in the temples, on the sides of the forehead and a little under the cheekbones. These are not areas where the sun hits first, but these are areas that you are tanned in longer as the color tends to disappear faster from the more "protruding" parts of the face.

     I hope you are happy with the answer and got a little more clarity in the whole thing! :)

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    Helena Amiley
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