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    I'm a bit of an eyebrow freak, I can admit that. I always look at other people's eyebrows when I meet new people / travel by train / watch TV etc.

    It sounds a bit judgmental when I say it like that, but I'm just so interested in just eyebrows and it inspires me so much :)


    You often give tips on how to get naturally beautiful eyebrows that highlight the eyes / face in the best way. But it is very popular with a little more "fake shapes" as well. A little too long, too wide and too dense - compared to the classic brow templates.

    It has become a matter of style more than a rule. For example, rocking brides often have narrow, very high and often long eyebrows. And it fits really well! :)

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    I hate when people say that it is wrong to paint the eyebrows unnaturally high, or that you have to start above the tear duct / nasal wing. These tips are just aids, not a must!


    Meeen if you (like me) often study other people's eyebrows, then there are actually details that to me feel more like "ignorance" than a matter of taste. It is very difficult to shape the eyebrows, especially if you want a more unnatural shape and do not follow your own straws.

    Here are the two details that are most commonly seen on very filled eyebrows, which I think the person in question would also like to improve:

    1. This square in front - Easily re-enchanted by painting the lower part of the brow a little closer to the nose.
    2. Extremely pointed edge at the highest point of the brow - It is difficult to get a nice angle if you want it to bend sharply. A 90-degree angle works in the lower edge, but try to get a more rounded shape in the upper edge so you avoid that pointed corner.

    These two details make the eyebrow easily look uneven and choppy (the difference is most visible in the bottom pictures with both eyes)

    Here is my suggestion instead.

    The shape is still just as high and just as sharp. But gives a more harmonious and well-balanced impression.

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    Here you see the difference.


    Hope this post was helpful! :)

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


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