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    I have received many questions regarding tan without sun / BUS, therefore I have now made a post with all questions & answers about just this. Also throws in some brown without sun tips!

    My previous post focuses more on the products I use and how I do when I apply. You can read it in its entirety here: Ida Warg products + review.

    It was after that post that all the questions appeared in the inbox, which I will answer now! :)

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    15 Questions & Answers about Brown Without Sun (BUS) + tips

    Table of Contents:

    1. How-to?
    2. Is it dangerous?
    3. Can BUS be used during pregnancy?
    4. How long will it work?
    5. Which is BUS is best?
    6. How long does BUS last?
    7. When to use BUS?
    8. Do BUS tablets work?
    9. Where can you buy BUS?
    10. How long should you wait before showering?
    11. Can you apply BUS without a glove?
    12. Do you have to scrub off BUS?
    13. Can you use BUS in the face?
    14. How to get rid of BUS?
    15. Can you sunbathe with BUS?

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    1. How to do?

    How do you really use tan without sun? BUS is most easily applied with a "tanning mitt", I have made a larger post about how I apply BUS which you can find here: How to apply tan without sun?

    In that post, I also go through these questions:

    • Should you scrub the skin before tanning without sun?
    • How to apply tan without sun in the armpits?
    • How to apply tan without sun on the hands and feet?
    • How to get rid of tan without sun?

    As well as clear step-by-step pictures and descriptions!

    mitten, glove, use, application, hands, feet, face, eyes, armpits

    2. Is it dangerous to use tan without sun?

    No, brown without sun not dangerous. The active substance that makes the skin brown is DHA which is a natural sugar, which is not dangerous for either health or the skin.

    However, you should always shop from reputable retailers to minimize the risk of counterfeit products, which in themselves may contain dangerous substances as they may not be approved for sale within the EU.

    Can you use tan without sun if you are pregnant?

    You can use BUS when you are pregnant! (See question & answer above).

    It is much more important to review what you eat and drink when you are pregnant, ie. that you get all the vitamins & minerals and eat as much natural food as possible.

    4. How long should tan without sun work?

    Brown without sun works for approx. 3-4 hours after application, during this time you should avoid soaking the areas where you have used BUS. However, it may differ slightly from product to product, but it is clearly stated in the instructions on the packaging.

    5. Which is the best tan without sun?

    Some popular brands of BUS are (adlinks) Tan Revel St Tropez, Cocoa Brown & Ida Warg, the latter I have reviewed in this post: Ida Warg Brown Without Sun (BUS)

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    My sister uses Tan Revel and thinks they are great! I have tested ST Tropez before and want to remember that I liked them too.

    One of my favorites is Eco by Sonya (adlink), their skin care products are really good too. Have tipped my business partner Emma about this brand and she is extremely happy too and has in turn tipped several of her friends :)

    brown without sun hands feet step by step tips application use

    Here is an old picture of my hands before and after Eco By Sonya. Smooth and nice even on the hands!

    If you yourself have tested brands and stuck to a special brand, feel free to leave a comment, it would be fun to know which one you think is best! :)

    6. How long does tan last without sun?

    The bus result generally lasts for approx. 5-7 days and depends on how often you shower, if you scrub a lot in the shower, how long and hot baths / showers you take, etc.

    So in other words, you can count on improving your BUS approx. once a week.

    In the face, it can disappear faster, as many have a more thorough cleaning routine of the skin on the face. It can therefore be a good idea to have a specific tan without sun for the face, which you improve on during the week.

    use, application, hands, feet, face, eyes, armpits

    For example. I think Ida Warg Tanning Drops (adlink) is great! You mix it with your usual moisturizer. Can be used daily.

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    7. When to use tan without sun?

    BUS is common to use in the winter and especially in the spring when you are more lightly dressed and the skin has not had time to get a natural tan from the sun. Then you can get a sun-kissed tone on your winter-pale skin while waiting to get some color!

    But it is of course possible to use all year round! Ideally, you should not sunbathe so much and also you should be careful with sunscreen with high SPF (30-50), then you may need to help the tan on the stack;)

    It can also be used if you have sunbathed and become unevenly brown and / or want to improve your natural burn!

    8. Does tan work without sun tablets?

    There are many different tan without sun tablets so it is difficult to give a general answer. But many of them contain beta-carotene, which is found in carrots and other colorful vegetables.

    Beta-carotene can be stored in the skin and if you "saturate" your depots with beta-carotene, it will start to be stored and give a brown / orange shade in the skin. However, this must be maintained because if you stop eating beta-carotene, that effect will decrease after approx. 1 month.

    The same effect can be achieved naturally by eating a lot of carrots or drinking carrot juice daily, the best effect is of course in combination with sunbathing.

    ** NOTE! However, you should be careful if you are a smoker, as carotenes are antioxidants and studies have shown that smokers who have taken beta-carotene supplements have developed cancer to a greater extent. (However, this only seems to apply to dietary supplements & smokers, one thesis is that those who developed cancer already had cancer which then grew faster.)

    beta carotene, brown, tan, orange, carrot, turn brown

    Here you see carrot juice in the background! Miska drinks it a lot and has actually got a warmer tone in the skin. In a great way! In the palms he is a bit orange actually, haha. But it is not so clear.

    9. Where can you buy tan without sun?

    BUS is available for purchase in most stores & online that have beauty products. I recommend (adlink) which often has different offers and discounts!

    10. How long should you have tan without sun before showering?

    Most BUS brands recommend avoiding water approx. 3-4 hours after application. Which means you should wait to shower approx. 3-4 hours, and do not scrub yourself, to extend the shelf life.

    11. Can you apply tan without sun without a glove?

    It is possible to apply tan without sun without a glove. It can be easier to get even with a "tanning in the middle" and you do not have to be as careful with your hands.

    Can also recommend my older post about BUS & hands: How to use tan without sun on the hands?

    12. Do you have to scrub off brown without sun?

    You do not have to scrub BUS, but if you want to get rid of it faster, a tip can be to scrub it off. It otherwise comes loose naturally when you shower and drop dead skin cells. Warm the skin thoroughly in the shower before exfoliating.

    Some prank products disappear unevenly. That one e.g. gets a little spotty in some areas. Then you can advantageously take a hot shower and scrub off the last, instead of letting it disappear naturally.

    13. Can you use tan without sun on the face?

    It is good to use BUS on the face as well, cleanse and moisturize the face before just! Many brands also have specific BUS products for the face. For example. Ida Warg has a face lotion that I have written more about in this post: Review of Ida Warg products

    How to apply tan without sun around the eyes? Should you do that? ” Was one of the questions I got after the last post. I avoid the skin around the eyes, because it is so thin that the cream "wanders up" a bit anyway. You do not get a sharp edge just because you skip the eye area. I also put thin on the cheekbones, to avoid an edge. If you put thick on the cheek and nothing at all under the eye, then it can be an edge of course.

    use, application, hands, feet, face, eyes, armpits

    14. How to get rid of tan without sun?

    The most effective way to get rid of tan without sun is to take a long bath or long hot showers and scrub properly. It can also be good to use an enzyme peel, I can highly recommend Ida Warg - Vitalizing Enzyme Body Peeling (adlink) it is super good !! I use it regularly.

    The most important thing is to warm up the skin before scrubbing.

    15. Can you sunbathe with tan without sun?

    It is perfectly possible to sunbathe with tan without sun! However, it must be remembered that even if the skin is brown, it is not protected from the sun, so it is important to still lubricate yourself with sunscreen! Many BUS products also contain perfume & other substances that can cause allergic reactions and / or uneven pigmentation on the skin during prolonged stays in the sun.

    But if you are aware of this and attentive, otherwise there is no risk of enjoying the real sun! :) A fragrance-free prank product is also recommended.

    brown without sun, mischief, use, application, hands, feet, face, eyes, armpits

    Here is the result of Ida Warg Self-Tanning Mousse on my legs! All Ida Warg products can be found at (adlink).

    Hope you got answers to the questions you were looking for! If you do not find the answer to the question or want to add something, feel free to comment below. If you have tips on products / brands or other tips & tricks on how to do it, feel free to share! :)


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