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    Hi I am 13 years old and would like to make up as nicely as you I I wonder if you can recommend some make-up that works well but still is not so expensive eg different mascaras eye shadow brushes and stuff: D Would be really happy c: // en girl who loves you and your blog (you e so talented <3333) 


    I think that if you prioritize a little better quality on certain products, then you can without a doubt indulge in budget stuff without getting a worse result!

    A good foundation, mascara and eye shadow primer is what I think is important. But when it comes to mascara and primer, the price does not have to be particularly high for it. Lumen eyeshadow primer costs SEK 115 at Kicks and lasts a very long time.

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    For SEK 159 you get Lumene Cloudberry Volume Serum Mascara which I like a lot! IsaDoras mascaror is also good, and does not cost much over 100 bucks. Also Lumenes Truly Bold and Curvy Mascara costs only SEK 119 and I like it too :)

    Lumene has become one of my new favorite brands actually, theirs CC Cream (SEK 145) I can also recommend!

    As for eyeshadow brushes, I can actually recommend a double brush from H&M for only SEK 30:

    The oblique one is good for eyebrows and the lower lash line, and the fluffy one is good when you want to blur the eye shadow on the eyelid. H&M does not have much of their make-up on the website, but before that they at least had even more make-up brushes that are actually not completely shameful.

    And if you only need everyday make-up and nothing that has to sit like a rock, I can also recommend H & M's pencils, both brow pencils and eyeliner pencils. On that front, I also like IsaDora, but then the price rises a little.

    With Lumene's eyeshadow primer, you can buy basically any eyeshadow and it will be good anyway! Cheap palettes, H&M, and so on.

    However, if you are very interested in make-up and know that you will continue more and more, I know from experience that the cheapest is to buy large sets. For example, a 252 palette and one brushed in 25 parts from iMys.se. Maybe even the lipstick palette with 66 shades? :)

    This + Lumenes eyeshadow primer is a long way off!

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    If you buy small items, you will shop more and more all the time, and in the end the make-up bag is crammed with different items that take up space while the wallet echoes.

    This is a thousand bucks at a time, but the brushes cost SEK 12 / pc if you think that the bag is free. The eye shadows cost SEK 1.50 / pc and the lipsticks SEK 3 / pc. It just will not be much cheaper than that :)

    Hope you are happy with the answer!

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