By Terry Ligne Blackstar eyeliner

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    By Terry Ligne Blackstar is an eyeliner that you have seen in a lot of my make-up lately! I got a press sample of it a while ago and have used it a lot, because I think it is great!

    It is a liquid eyeliner in "ink pen shape" that is inspired by tattoo technique to give an exact result with fine sharp lines.

    Tip! This form of eyeliner is very good if you have difficulty getting nice lines with a liquid eyeliner, it is one of the easiest application methods because the cape is soft and it is stable to paint with a pencil. If you compare with e.g. a dip liner, getting nice lines with one can even I find difficult!

    The pen itself and the sleeve are nicely silvery and I think it feels very luxurious. The cape is long enough and perfectly narrow at the tip to be able to paint thin lines, but also thick enough if you angle it a little to get wide lines.

    What I like most about the eyeliner is that the cape contains a lot of eyeliner so it is very easy to paint with! A common problem with eyeliners in this form is that the cape you paint with can be a little too dry, but with this one comes a lot of color right away!

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    In addition, it is very durable, both rub-proof and waterproof!

    The price is SEK 275 HERE, but it is not unusually high for a good eyeliner in ink pen form which is often a little more expensive than other eyeliners.

    Here you see the eyeliner on the eye! It gives a slightly glossy result (not completely matte) without feeling plastic like many glossy eyeliners otherwise have a tendency to do.

    Hope you have a wonderful Friday!

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