Bye Bra

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    I got home tape from a while ago, and it's a product I've never actually tested before.

    Nipple covers are something I often actually use, but chest tape that should also lift them up, I have not felt the need to be honest - but now that I have tested it and noticed the difference, I am actually stuck!

    There are a few different variants but I have tested this package which costs SEK 199 and contains nipple covers in silk and chest tape for 4 uses (8 of each in other words), and is in size a / c cup.


    1. Durability
    I was going to start by giving two BIG thumbs up for the durability, it was really beyond expectation! Last Saturday I fixed myself in the morning before I went to Stockholm, then I danced sweaty for several hours, slept with the tape and in the afternoon on Sunday I bathed with it as well. When I got home in the evening I removed the tape and it fit just as well as when I attached it!

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    2. Application
    I think it was super easy to attach the tape and lift up the breasts, it comes with a simple description and it can be done quickly. No weirdness at all!

    3. Result
    Both application and durability have, as I said, been clearly approved by me, and the result itself I am also crazy happy with! The tape is transparent, so even if you have a low-necked sweater, it is not much visible at all if the sweater happens to end up a little on the snout. The breasts get a nice shape and the tape is easy to remove. You are a bit sticky afterwards but I think it's small potatoes.

    I do not have such large breasts and they do not need to be lifted up so much if I am to be honest, they are pretty perfect hay;) But what I liked about the tape apart from a little fine grinding on the shape, is that they feel more firm so if you goes up stairs and the like so they do not bounce so hard but it feels like you are wearing a regular bra!

    I have tested patches instead of nipple covers before but the skin is so thin there so I often get red and irritated afterwards. But I did not notice this at all with these, and then I still wore it for much longer than what is certainly recommended! In other words, the glue is quite gentle on the skin.


    There are markings that show how to cut the tape depending on size - super good!


    A plus because the glue is only on the sides of the nipple cover and not in the middle, I find it so uncomfortable to pull them off otherwise!


    As I said, there are different packages that differ a little from each other, including different sizes and numbers. In my package, everything is disposable stuff, but there are silicone nipple covers as well that can be reused. Even they only have glue on the sides, which I like, so I'm eager to try them too!

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    In other words - Effective chest tape that works gallantly and sits like a rock despite sweat and swimming! I'm super happy! :)

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. I got my makeup home today, Annika's favorite shade. Now it's make up! Has gone without makeup all summer due to laziness. But now I got a little energy puff! Cute with a personal greeting, it is appreciated! Had good!

    2. I have used both regular and silicone nipple covers before a few years ago, works just fine =) I think I bought mine at H&M =) but the ones that lift I have never tried, almost have to buy such =)

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