Cat eye eyeshadow tutorial

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    Today's make-up you can not see the whole thing at once, but I thought I would start with the first part of the step-by-step description because I so often get questions about just that detail.

    It's about doing a cat eye make-up, which many people think is a bit awkward, especially how to tone out the eye shadow when doing it. A more protracted form is much harder to do because you do not have as many guidelines to follow as when you just follow your own globe line.

    You can also vary a cat eye very much, but here are my best tips on how I usually do with the eye shadow right at the outer edge of the eyes!


    Use a narrow eyeshadow brush and mark how far out you want the cat eye shape to go and at what angle. A tip is to follow the lower lash line and continue in the same slope outwards, as far out as you end up at the same level as the highest point on the globe line.

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    2. Fill in the eyelid with as much eye shadow as you want, either the entire eyelid or just the outside as I have done to make room for a new color.

    Place a skin-colored eyeshadow / highlighter or powder above the mold. This is done so that the primer is not as damp, then it is easier to fade the edges.

    4. Use a small fluffy brush and fade the edges so that they are not as sharp.

    5. Use a larger fluffy brush and fade out to make the edges even softer!

    cat-eye-eye shadow

    Here you see the guidelines I suggest in point 1, this is absolutely no rule on what it should look like but just a tip!

    Other tips to keep in mind:

    The most important thing to keep in mind is to work carefully with the brush and not to blur too much, otherwise it can easily happen that you pull out the eye shadows too far or that it looks dirty. Have patience, be light on your hand and blur a little at a time!

    You can do this with any color, but I chose a matte, black eyeshadow because it is best seen now when I want to show you, but is also the hardest shade to get nice. But if you feel that it becomes too difficult, but still want black, then you can apply a little brown eye shadow in the edges as well, because brown is easier to fade out and get nice is black.

    And when you have come this far, you can choose how you want to continue, but black eyeliner along the waterline + a sharp eyeliner with a wing, I think is super nice, then you really get that intense cat look :)

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    Hope the tips were helpful, write if you have any questions or if I was unclear on any point. You will see the end result of this makeup tomorrow!

    Hug ♥

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