Change last name - I have changed last name !!!

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    Hi hi, my name is Helena Amiley! :) We have been thinking about changing last names for a while.

    Amilej we pronounce it, as it is spelled, not amajly as if you read it in English.

    I just got an email from The Swedish Tax Agency that the surname that Miska and I sent in the application for in May has now finally been reviewed! We have known for a while that it was approved but it should be in a proclamation or newspaper or something (I only wrotedbefore autocorrect corrected me, I have such a great control over this) but as of today we are both called Amiley by last name!

    What does Amiley Mean?

    It is a made-up name, you can only change your last name if you get married, take a family name or come up with one that no one else is called.

    We have wanted to change last names for quite some time and came to Amiley when we were joking / brainstorming on the terrace, in the middle of all the crazy names we came up with, I put together "Annika" and "Mileya" who we live with and realized that Amiley is really nice!

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    So it does not matter, but when I thought about it more, it struck me that Amiley is also a mixture of all my nephews' names (Meja, Mila, Mille, Måns and Alexander) so then it felt extra right!

    Why have we changed our last name?

    It started with Miska wanting to change because his name is Isoniemi, which is quite complicated, so we started talking a bit about applying together. A bit like a mini-wedding haha, I still do not think that last name is so important but feel a bit "why not?" :)

    So now our names are Helena Amiley and Miska Amiley which feels so heavenly cozy! ♥

    Then it is a bonus not to have anything with the letter ö, that Rönnblad must be written as Ronnblad. We have e.g. plans to live in Spain in the future. Now I can use my whole name without any weirdness with the dots :)

    change last name helena amiley


    So now I have a little to stand in haha. Get a new driver's license, passport and change last names on my social channels and company stuff.

    Check out my post about put on make-up before passport photo / driving license I did before photography.

    I have also had plans to redo the design in the blog a bit, but have been waiting for the last name change for some really unclear reason. Most psychically, I think, that autumn and new surnames will be like a fresh start? :)

    So now it starts, my fresh start 2020! Lol!

    By the way, I sometimes get the question about my Sunday posts, that I stopped them shortly after the corona struck and if I should not start again. There are several reasons for this, but I definitely intend to get better at writing more about entrepreneurship and other non-makeup related stuff again!

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    I started working so much from home plus most of what I do is about my new make-up brand that I still can not write about, so I lost my desire when most days were “here I sit on the same chair as always in front of the computer and work with things I do not can tell you about “haha.

    But I will try to come up with a better balance there, I do not write properly here in the blog :)

    Hugs are!

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Congratulations on the new last name, very nice and unusual. I have also missed your Sunday posts, have always been so fun to read them. It will also be interesting to read more about your new make-up brand when it becomes official. :-)

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