Choose the right color for your foundation

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    If you do not have the same shade on your Foundation as you have on the skin, it can feel as if the basic make-up is not as good. After a while when the skin has become a little oily, the "real" skin tone can shine through, which makes you look a little worn.

    And if the color differs a lot, it of course also looks strange if you compare with the neck.


    One tip is to test Foundation on the jawbone to find the right color, then you see what the color looks like for both the neck and the face!


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    Many people wonder what color I have on my Foundation, and then Glo Minerals Pressed Base is my favorite foundation so I thought I would write a little shade guide to you who want to test it :)

    I "work" with Glo's foundations when I make up others, so I have learned the nuances well.



    I use Golden.
    Golden is the most common shade, a bit yellowish and warm undertone but still quite light. Now in the winter I use Golden Light, but by the summer it tends to be Medium or Dark.

    The shade Honey is much like Golden but on a darker scale. Suitable for warm skin types.

    Suitable for you with light / medium light skin. Neutral skin with a peach or yellow undertone. The lightest shade Fair is often suitable for redheads who often have very pale skin.

    I actually almost never use this color, it gives a slightly pig pink tone I personally think. Beige is colder than Natural, but also suitable for peach or yellow undertones.

    For dark-skinned, warm dark shades.

    A cool shade for you who have a deep peach undertone.

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    If you have a very yellow / olive green complexion, this shade fits well.


    Each color has different shades depending on how light / dark you are. Fair is the brightest and Dark is the darkest.


    glóMinerals Foundation are available to buy at, where I also have one discount code To you! Anger ni ”Imakeyousmile“When you shop, you get 10% discount on the whole purchase!

    Creative Make Up sells, among other things, glo Minerals products, but also other brands and accessories. There you will also find the favorite shade that I wrote about in this post a while ago.


    Hope this was helpful! :)

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
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