Christmas make-up for a blue dress

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    Sorry for the bad update yesterday, I worked in Uppsala all day (made up 11 models) and it does not work to time posts on the new Finest (it should work but there is something wrong that I hope they fix soon) and I really did not have time to stand and try to publish my posts from the phone.

    But here is the make-up I had intended to show you yesterday !:

    I got a small wish make-up the other day which I thought sounded funny, so I thought I would share it today :)

    Hi Helena! I saw your blog in a desperate attempt to find a nice make-up for a Christmas ball (hairstyle and prom dress fixed!) Now the only problem is the make-up… which I am hopeless at. It would be great if you could come up with some tips on how to put on make-up!

    Lite info: I am "dirty blonde", ie brown-blonde, blow-gray eyes, ganska pale.

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    If you now have the time and desire to help me, (which I understand if you do not have!) Then I have a wish… I want to keep it quite simple and clean, kind of elegant / sweet. Since I am a beginner, it would be risky to do something too advanced.

    ps I have no color palette at all at home, just one with beige / brown colors in it. I have a 50% discount on Yves Rocher, so if there is a palette where you could recommend, I would be more than grateful! ”

    I had captured the silvery and the blue in my make-up, but in a discreet way. A blue eyeshadow on the entire eyelid can be too obvious a match for you to feel comfortable, but a small detail is just super nice! :)

    I have used a light glitter, navy blue eyeliner, blue mascara (only on the lower lashes) and then red lips and nails to make the look more Christmas and festive!

    This make-up fits the dress super nicely and is very easy to do :) The light eye shadow glitters super nicely in reality, but it's a little difficult to capture in the picture.

    I can also suggest that Yves Rocher currently has free shipping on his webshop! :)

    Bright glitter in the corner of the eye, the inside of the eyelid and under the brow, Yves Rocher Loose Pearls (05.Nacres Cristal)
    Navy blue eyeliner at the bottom of the lower and upper lash lines, tie them together in the outer corner of the eye, Yves Rocher Kajalpenna (Bleu)
    Blue mascara on the lower lashes, Yves Rocher Volume Mascara (03 Bleu)
    Black mascara on the upper lashes, Oriflame The ONE Volume Blast Mascara.
    Christmas red nails, Paese Nail Polish in shade 315.

    Dark red lip pencil on the whole lips, Yves Rocher Automatic Lipliner (32. Red fountain)
    Red lipstick on the entire lips, Yves Rocher Grand Rouge Lipstick (31. Rouge vif)


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    Hope you have super fun and feel great at the ball !! :)

    Kiss and hug!


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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!

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