Clean the make-up bag (read the make-up bureau)

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Last Friday I was at the home of my sister Mia who offered food, and told her that I would need something that she had at my age but that I do not have - a broken little sister!

She always gave me a small penny to clean her apartment, clean her closet and sort everything in color order, etc. And my make-up boxes have become completely chaotic lately, and I would really need someone to clean and sort everything properly for just a little money . I have neither the time nor the desire myself.

Do you know what she answered?

"The good thing about big sisters is that we do not have to pay." 


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Do you understand how well I have it! I woke up for the third day in a row that Miska had finished the breakfast that was ready on the kitchen table. And after only a few hours, Mia came here and now she is cleaning the drawers for full mugs !! :) ♥

She even wipes the products so that they are not dirty on the outside!

I just sit next to it and work with mine, and the only thing I need to think about is to keep the Jon Henrik list running on Spotify and refill her coffee cup at regular intervals so she is happy :)


This is what it looked like in the beginning when she had wiped off and put the products on a towel on the table!

"What a lot of makeup" you might be thinking now. Then I can tell you that these are only products from the top two drawers, and the rest are just as full haha.

"You have not cleaned in a long time, certainly very old to be thrown away”You might think instead. No, not that either. I cleaned away everything old + things that I do not use (stay with my mother instead) last summer, so most of it is brand new that has been refilled during the autumn / winter :)

But soon it's super nice here! Mia is very careful and good and has fixed a lot of cans and stuff so that you share the drawers. The top drawer is just different small drawers with Paese products.

Sometimes you feel good;)

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