Clean the makeup brushes

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    When I posted pictures from my make-up job on Creative Zone where I did 11 model make-ups, I got some questions about my work make-up, if I use my own, etc. I mostly make up myself during the day so I understand that you are wondering :)

    But after answering this, I realized that I have to tell you about a good cleaning for the makeup brushes that I got home as a press test a while ago! It is nice for everyone to have at home, but can also be a saver in need for those of you who do makeup work only now and then and may not have a super large set of makeup brushes.

    For one of the most important details when it comes to makeup hygiene is to keep track of the makeup brushes, which can sometimes be difficult when you do so many make-ups in a row. All of a sudden you are standing there and need a lip brush when everyone is already used. Then it should be quick to clean, and you should also be completely sure that all bacteria disappear.


    I now use the cleaning ”Laura Mercier Brush Cleanser”Which works both for basic cleaning of the brushes when the day is over, and for quick cleaning as it effectively dissolves make-up and kills bacteria!

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    It works both on brushes with real hair and with synthetic hair.

    When I do a quick cleaning, I spray abundantly on the brush and wipe off the makeup with a napkin, I do this until I feel that the brush is completely clean (it is usually enough with 2 times but it depends a bit on what you have used the brush for). And when the brush is clean, I usually press a dry napkin around the straws so that the liquid is absorbed and remains a dry brush!

    For large fluffy brushes, however, I only recommend a bactericidal spray, a cleaning will probably be too wet so that the brushes continue to be damp.


    Hugs are!

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