Wash your face - Deeply cleanse your skin with micellar water!

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    There are quite a few products that I actually run out of and continue to use regularly and buy over and over again. Not because there are few things I like, but because I test so much new all the time and like to vary, it's a bit my job.

    But then there are some products that I can not live without, and one of them is Paese Micellar Solution! I have tested several micellar waters but like none as much as the one from Paese :)

    When you talk about micellar water, or micellar water as it is called in English, very few people know how it works, and many do not even know what the product is.

    It looks like a toner, and is used in the same way, but is actually more like a moisturizing cleanser where you do not need to use tap water! It deeply cleanses the skin and "sucks up" impurities from the pores like a magnet.

    There are several ways to use it and it has several good features, which I now thought to go through thoroughly in a post so that you keep up with the turns :)

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    What is Micellar Water?
    A multi-product that moisturizes the skin while cleansing in a very gentle way - but above all in a very effective way! Use as a toner, shake the bottle, moisten a cotton ball and wipe over the face.

    How does micellar water work?
    It is a micellar cleanser, which means in short (it is a bit overpriced to understand exactly) that it contains charged particles that attract dirt and impurities from the pores, that is why the skin becomes so clean! You do not need to rub or massage the skin with water, it is enough to sweep the cotton ball over the skin and the water works as a magnet or vacuum cleaner that sucks up sebum and impurities from the pores.

    Who should use micellar water?
    Everyone has a use for this, as everyone's skin types feel good about being cleaned a little extra. But I recommend it mainly for either oily and impure skin that needs extra deep cleansing, as well as for people with sensitive skin who need a gentle cleansing. I fit into both categories and am completely addicted!

    ♥ Cleansing - It deeply cleanses the skin
    ♥ Toner - It tones the skin and restores the pH balance
    ♥ Nourishing - Is both soothing and moisturizing for the skin
    ♥ Does not need to be rinsed off with water


    There are several ways to use micellar water:

    When you are in a hurry
    Because it works both as a cleanser, toner and has moisturizing and soothing properties, it is a perfect multitask product when you are lazy or in a hurry. You get everything at once and are done with your skincare routine in half a minute. And can also do it on the go as you do not need access to running water.

    As a gentle makeup remover:
    Micellar water also removes makeup, it is not quite as effective (or fast-use may be a better word choice) as a regular makeup remover but more gentle. For example, it is popular with models who remove makeup several times a day.

    For sensitive skin:
    Even if you have problems with dry skin or oily acne skin, your skin can be sensitive at the same time. A sensitive skin turns slightly red and it is common to have both dryness and blemishes at the same time. Then micellar water is a perfect product! As water dries out the skin, I recommend not using it more often than necessary, but since this does not need to be rinsed off with water, it works gallantly as a cleanser for you with sensitive skin.

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    To cleanse the skin extra:
    If you prefer to wash your face with water and a "regular" cleanser, this can be a good complement afterwards, as an extra cleansing toner as you may not have removed all the makeup, sebum and impurities from the skin with the regular cleanser. There is often some residue left in the pores.

    How to use I micellar water:
    I use Paese Micellar Solution both morning and evening, but in different ways:

    ♥ In the evening - I have very oily skin and use it after my usual makeup remover and cleansing (removes eye makeup with remover for waterproof makeup, and then washes the entire face with a cleansing foam that I rinse with lukewarm water). And then use it as extra cleaning.

    ♥ In the morning - I have very sensitive skin and in the morning I usually avoid washing my face with water, better to do it once a day instead of twice. Then I use it instead of a cleanser, and during the night the body has cleansed itself and a lot of oil and impurities come out through the pores, and then it is really visible on the cotton! You SEE how dirty you have been in the face! Afterwards, the skin is smooth and completely oil-free and feels really nice, without feeling the slightest bit dry.

    ♥ When I'm unmade one day - If I do not have makeup to wash off in the evening, I usually run a quick evening routine and use micellar water just like in the morning, as a cleanser without water. Partly because it goes fast, but also to reduce water use on my sensitive skin.


    Here you see the cotton after cleaning the face in the morning, and then I was careful with the cleaning the night before. Lots of dirt and stuff that comes out through the skin at night.


    Not so fresh to keep this on your face for a whole day, cleansing is very important! Think of so much tallow that is on the cotton as well, but which is invisible.

    It is very often I have make-up customers with oily / unclean skin who, despite cleaning their skin before they come to me, get this visible result on the cotton. In some it is not visible at all (but that does not mean that nothing comes out) and in some it is very visible.

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    I always clean my clients' skin with Paese Micellar Solution before I start applying makeup :)

    IMG_1570_111This bottle will soon run out, and then I will no doubt open a new one :)

    Paese Micellar Solution is available at Creativemakeup.se.

    Shout out if you have any questions!

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      • Hi Sonja! In old posts in the blog, it may be that prices are not correct at present, as prices of products sometimes change. This post was written in February and since then Paese has raised his prices. But that's changed in this post now :)

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