Color combinations

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    Here is the next "beginner's tip".

    Although I do not really know if I can really call this beginner's tip, this also helps those who are more than beginners! :)

    What colors can be combined with each other?

    Answer: Everyone !! But some colors are lighter than others. If you want to shade two eye shadows in different colors, it is easiest to choose two colors next to each other in the color circle!

    The famous color circle. 

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    Colors that most easily go together are thus as logical as the following:
    Green + yellow
    Yellow + orange
    Orange + RED
    RED + pink
    Pink + lila
    Purple + blue
    Blue + Green

    Shows some examples!

    Green  yellow

    Yellow Orange


    Pink lila

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    Purple Blue

    Blue Green

    As you can see in many of the pictures, you can easily use this even if you want to use more than two colors in the same make-up! Then you easily take colors that lie consecutive in the color circle:

    BluePurple Pink

    Yellow Green blue lila pink


    Hope this was helpful!

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    Helena Amiley
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